Libya in Chaos as Islamists Take Control of its Capital (Prophecy is being Fulfilled)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

As has been predicted by for years which these days things are moving with lightening speed, the Islamist seized Libya’s capital, Tripoli including its airport, proclaimed their own government and presented the world with yet another similar crisis to ISIS. All this has major prophetic implications.

The umbrella group for Islamist militias calling itself Al-Fajr (The Dawn) of Libya said it has also taken hold of other locations in the capital controlled by the rival militias, drawing to a close one chapter in a prolonged confrontation between the Islamist-allied militia, largely from the city of Misrata, and the powerful militia from the western mountains of Zintan.

Operation Dawn is a coalition of Islamist and Misrata forces, captured the airport on Saturday in fierce fighting against pro-government militias after a five-week siege that battered parts of the capital.

Television images from the scene showed jubilant, bearded, militias dancing on wrecked airliners, firing machine guns in the air and chanting “Allah O Akbar” (“Allah is great”).

On Sunday, they set airport buildings ablaze, apparently intending to destroy rather than hold the site.

The victory, which secures Islamist control over Tripoli, was a culmination of weeks of fighting triggered by elections in July, lost by Islamist parties.

Rather than accept the elections result Islamist leaders in Libya accused the new parliament of being dominated by supporters of the former dictator Muammar Gaddafi, and have sought to restore the old national congress.

The strengthening of extremist Islamist factions is of growing concern of to Libya’s neighbours and western governments alike. Jihadist groups have been able to thrive in Libya’s increasingly lawless and anarchic environment.

Benghazi, once the capital of the revolution against Col. Gaddafi, and central to the Nato-backed war to oust the dictator, is now under terrorist control.

Libya is biblical Put (or Phut) which is the region west of Egypt. Today this is the nation of Libya. The Septuagint translates the word Put here as Libue. Most modern scholars seem to agree with this interpretation. Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania could also be included here as well.

But who is behind the chaos? This week we reported and predicted that Libya is about to be taken over by Islamists:

“The entanglement between the “World Federation of Muslim Scholars” and the “International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood” in Istanbul Turkey is a master plan designed by the devil. It brings together an assortment of Muslim demons to spark a Turkish campaign to create some serious trouble in Libya, Sudan and Egypt and few are paying attention how significant this is prophetically”

“Turkey wants to create armed Jihadis in Libya including Sudan to create unrest in Libya as well as Egypt.”

“The Istanbul Conference in Turkey set up by Erdogan included Ali Mohamed Al-Salabi, leader of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood who has the most prominent role and close ties with the most political Islamic armed fighting groups in Libya.”

Al-Salabi’s brother Ismail Al-Salabi runs one of the militias under al-Fajr (The Dawn) forces which just participated in the takeover of Libya’s capital.

Former Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril claimed that it was Qatar and Turkey that armed 1,600 militias and imported 22 million firearms into his country.

And the New York Times also confirmed yesterday:

“Their opponents, including the militias stocked with former Qaddafi soldiers that controlled the airport, say Mr. Badi [who led the attack] was merely the spearhead of a hard-line Islamist onslaught resembling the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and supported by the Islamist-friendly governments of Turkey and Qatar.”

For more on what we wrote regarding this plan (read here)

The stage in Libya is set for takeover by a future Islamic Antichrist as the Bible predicted “Libyans and Ethiopians shall follow at his heels. (Damiel 11:43)

By Associated Press August 24 at 2:08 PM
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