It’s Only Homeland Blood that will awaken the American people

by Keith Davies political commentator for

The news bulletins are reporting on the beheadings of American journalists, which has caught at least some attention of the public, but only those Americans who choose to be informed about what is going on the world. We have witnessed the apathy of the public as a whole with regards to the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, The VET scandal and about every other so called “phony” scandal, which would have sunk any other President in past history, but not this one. We can blame the left wing media but the American people have choices to get their news and if they choose to be deceived by watching lies and cannot see the truth, shame on them.

So we ask, what will outrage the American people so much that will end this disastrous presidency? The answer is sadly a massive toll of homeland blood from a major terror attack on the same level or worse than 9/11.

The media both left and right try to explain away the President’s behavior as “disengaged,” “clueless” etc. Well do you remember how the fawning media were tripping over themselves to say that President Obama had an enormous IQ and was the most intelligent person to ever become president. If you do not believe me here is an interview conducted by Don Imus with one of those not so smart Obama sycophants just after the election in 2008.

So now Obama is “clueless.” How six years of this embarrassment things can change, even with our whacko liberal media.

The Iraqi Crisis in itself is a major scandal for two reasons, first the president seem to have failed to grasp the understanding that withdrawing all our troops from Iraq would cause a major power vacuum and allowed strife to take over Iraq, which rarely made headlines here in the USA, because it would have been a major embarrassment to the President. Remember every soldiers’ death was reported when George Bush was President but you never hear the causality list today and you won’t but you should, because 1500 soldiers have died in Afghanistan under Obama versus 575 under George W. Bush a statistic that the media also should mention but won’t. Muslim Afghan soldiers that were infiltrators into our ranks caused many of those deaths.

Secondly, Obama had been warned for about a year that ISIS was a clear and present danger that needed to be neutralized but Obama failed to act. There are only too possibilities as to why the President did not act; either his golf game was more important than the issues of National Security or he wished for ISIS to succeed. Obama blamed his own intelligence people but it has been well documented that the warnings were often and detailed and were given to Obama in his daily briefings which the President ignored, obviously the yardage cards for the golf courses he was playing made for more interesting reading. Obama blaming others for failure (or possibly success in the President’s world view) to do the job he was elected to do, is par for the course (the perfect pun) to describe his job performance and the American people if engaged in the future of their country should be sick of it. I personally believe that President Obama is not clueless or that his golf game is to blame, those are optics and bad optics to boot. Based on the past the President was very engaged in Libya and used “an imminent humanitarian disaster” to justify the overthrowing of Gadhafi. This was a barefaced lie. Gadhafi was very popular in Libya as many as 90% plus in polls. Why was Gadhafi so popular? It was because he was very generous to his people despite being a nut case. He was also helping us with providing valuable intelligence to fight the Islamists but Obama went after him, why? The real reason to empower his buddies the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama used the same policy on Egypt but failed as Al Sisi ended the Brotherhoods hold on Egypt to the disappointment of the administration and even John McCain.

The left wing media pronounced an Arab Spring, which gave cover to allow Obama to empower the terrorists known as the Muslim Brotherhood. You can put it down to bad judgment but I thought the president was the smartest man to ever be president and that I believe is true – smart and evil. The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to Asisi also shocked Turkey who banked on this alliance. Turkey’s ambition for Caliphate has taken a setback at least temporarily. Then we have Obama’s eagerness to overthrow yet another secular leader Bashar Assad of Syria, that also failed, but the replacement strategy seems to have been to allow ISIS to take over Syria has now spiraled out of control when ISIS was able to move into Iraq and become very much strengthened with captured US weapons from the Iraqi army and hundreds of millions of dollars in looted currency and oil fields. Now ISIS threathens us which has even the liberals shaking in their boots. I believe the President’s strategy and replacement strategy was deliberate based on the on going policies of this administration to empower the Islamists and help them to recreate the Caliphate.

We have shown on report Turkey and Qatar are behind ISIS both in training and initial financing, but yet again our clueless media fails to dig up what the real issues we are facing. Turkey is the West’s enemy yet is our ally, yet most Americans are clueless of the dangers it poses.

Whether you agree or disagree with my analysis, you must agree that either Obama followed these policies deliberately ( undermine our security and empower the Islamists),or it was just incompetency then the case for Obama’s removal from office is just as warranted. The final question is what will it take for us to wake up?


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