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The Demons Who Were Cast Out Of Heaven, Are All Muslim

By Theodore Shoebat The devils that fell from Heaven are all Muslim. I learn this not only from the fact that Islam is satanic, but from the Koran itself. I have done an entire video explaining how and why the demons are actually themselves Muslim: By the admission of the Muslims’ own book, once the […]

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Support For ISIS Is Growing And World War III Looms On The Horizon

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Some headlines are saying that the moderate Muslims who supported the Free Syrian Army rebels are now turning on the U.S. and are demonstrating all throughout Syria and the Middle East. They are all of the sudden shouting slogans against US-led coalition. The regular American Joe reads the headlines and […]

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Another Muslim Man In Oklahoma Snaps And Tells Co-Worker: I Represent ISIS, I will Cut Your Head Off, ISIS Kills Christians

By Theodore Shoebat On the same day of the Oklahoma beheading, a Muslim man in America, named Jacob Murithi, was fired from the Bellevue Nursing Home for threatening a co-worker, that he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians”, and saying that he would “cut off her head”. This is just another sign of ISIS […]

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Heroic Christian Pastor Gets On Stage And Cries Out: “Allah Is A Heathen Deity, Allah Is A Cruel Deity, Allah Is A Demon Deity!”

By Theodore Shoebat In the spirit of Sunday, I thought I would post a sermon by Pastor James McConnell of Belfast Ireland, in which he says, “Allah Is A Heathen Deity, Allah Is A Cruel Deity, Allah Is A Demon Deity.” Because of this sermon, believe it or not, the police actually interrogated him on […]

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ISIS Overruns Iraqi Army Base Near Baghdad, Executes 300 Soldiers

How are those air strikes working out for you Mr President? Report from the International Business Times Militants from ISIS have overrun an Iraqi military base near Baghdad and executed 300 soldiers, according to a breaking news report from CNN. While details of the exact location outside Baghdad are unavailable, the news comes after ISIS […]

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