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The First 9/11 was NOT in 2001 and it Involved Antichrist Ottoman Turkey

In September of 1683, the Ottoman Turks laid siege to Vienna with no fewer than 100,000 men. Had they been successful, it most likely would have meant the end of Europe and the conquest of Rome was the ultimate goal. Conversely, Vienna’s troops constituted a small fraction of what the Turks had amassed. The battle […]

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Islamic Terror State Pretending to Expel Islamic Terrorist Leaders

Two of the Muslim Brotherhood’s top leaders still reside in Qatar one year after it was reported that both had been expelled. Spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal still enjoy safe harbor in Qatar. Yet, we’re to believe courtesy of a Muslim Brotherhood leader’s facebook page, that leaders of the terrorist group […]

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JUST DISCOVERED: Video Of British Aid Worker David Haines Getting Beheaded

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat just found the video done by ISIS showing the beheading of British aid worker, David Haines. The reason why we are showing this video is not for shock, but to teach a lesson: never trust Muslims, and never go to the Middle East without heavy security and you know […]

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