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New Archaeological Discovery Proves The Catholic Church

By Walid Shoebat One of the oldest Catholic amulets was found when a 1,500-year-old fragment of Greek papyrus with writing that refers to the biblical Last Supper and “manna from heaven”. It was discovered by Dr. Roberta Mazza, a research fellow at the university’s John Rylands Research Institute as part of her studies on thousands […]

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Muslims Take Christian Family And Make Them Slaves, When The Daughter Gets A Horrible Illness, The Parents Beg For Mercy, But The Muslims Cruelly Leave Her To Die

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat Rescue Christians just recently rescued three Christian families from Islamic slavery in Pakistan, who were forced to be slaves laboring in brick kilns. These poor Christians were kept as slaves, abused and forced to not observe their Faith. The saddest case was that of Waseem Masih and his wife Nasreen. […]

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David Cameron: The UK Will Not Pay Ransom Money For British Hostage Held By ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat David Cameron just affirmed that the UK will not be paying the ransom for a British hostage held by ISIS, named David Cawthorne Haines, saying: There is no doubt in my mind that the many tens of millions of dollars that ISIL has raised from ransom payments is going into promoting terrorism… […]

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ISIS Now Rules Over Territory The Size Of The UK, And Makes $979,866 A Day

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS now rules over a territory the size of the UK, and makes 600,000 pounds a day, which is $979,866. According to one report: ISIS now controls territory the size of the UK, is making £600,000 a day from selling oil and ransoming hostages and has a fighting force of 10,000 militants, […]

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Local Christian Militias Pick Up Assault Rifles And Automatic Machine Guns To Defeat ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat Christians living in the small border town of Qaa, that lies between Syria and Lebanon, have taken up their cross, and are now holding up automatic rifles to defend themselves against ISIS. They take up positions on hills and lay ambushes, being always vigilant and ready for the ISIS Muslims. One of […]

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“The CROSS will soon Stomp the CRESCENT in Armageddon” Even The Secular Ignoramuses Admit

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) We know that a national confession is on its way and sooner or later, America by large with a host of its ignoramuses will soon confess that Armageddon and the Bible are truth. It is already beginning and pretty soon, America by large will witness a great revival and many […]

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Multiculturalism Ignores Muslim Murderers in order to be Inclusive and Tolerant

By Lynn Woolley American schools are consumed with the concept of multiculturalism – the idea that no culture is any better than any other culture. That’s why two items in the Dallas Morning News than ran on consecutive days might raise an eyebrow. The first item concerned the upcoming premiere of a new movie entitled […]

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Obama and John Brennan suppressing Key Evidence Acquired in Bin Laden Raid?

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes has published an excellent report on the incredible amount of intelligence gathered during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and was subsequently withheld. What takes shape after reading it is that the administration – to include current CIA Director John Brennan – aggressively suppressed information that revealed the true […]

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Islamophobia Breaks Out In ISIS controlled Syrian Town

AFB If you protest against Islam in ISIS controlled Syria or Iraq you get crucified or beheaded, in America if you point out the same problem you are called a Bigot, an Islamophobe or a Racist. Either way it is “illegal” or politically incorrect to protest against Islamic tyranny. When they start to kill or […]

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Assault on First Amendment taking place at Wake Forest University using Hillary Clinton’s ‘Istanbul Process’ Model

Whether its leaders realize it or not, Wake Forest University is laying the groundwork for Hillary Clinton’s stated techniques for implementing the Istanbul Process, which seeks to eliminate criticism of Islam. Beginning this school year, Wake Forest is encouraging students to anonymously “report bias” according to a letter on the school’s website that includes instructions […]

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Palestinians Are Getting Jittery over Plans to Build The Third Temple in Jerusalem

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) AlJazeera reported “Israel Permits The Division of the Al-Aqsa [Temple Mount]” wrote that: “Arab residents in the city of Jerusalem accuse the Israeli occupation forces of beginning to divide Al-Aqsa Mosque [Temple Mount] after it passed a law taking advantage of the aggression on Gaza to implement a similar law […]

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