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Germany Now Has “Sharia Police,” Who Patrol The Streets Enforcing Islamic Law

By Theodore Shoebat In a city of Germany, there is a “Sharia police” who patrol the streets enforcing Islamic law. According to a report: Police in the German city of Wuppertal are investigating a case of several young men who announced themselves to be ‘Sharia police’. The group was ‘patrolling’ the streets, urging people to […]

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Muslim Tells Christian Family To Convert To Islam, When They Say No, He Takes Their Toddler, And Rapes Her So Brutally That She Needs 5 Surgeries To Survive

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim in Pakistan ordered a Christian family to convert to Islam. When they refused, he kidnapped their toddler and raped her. When the father saw what was going on, he charged at him and he ran away, leaving the daughter unconscious and bleeding. The daughter needed five surgeries. The interview of […]

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ISIS Captures Lebanese Soldier And “Sacrifice” Him To Allah

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS captured and executed another Lebanese soldier, named Abbas Medlej. According to his mother, My son was sacrificed As we read from one report: Mr Medlej would be the second captive Lebanese soldier killed by the Islamic State group, underscoring the grave challenges that face the ill-equipped Lebanese military as it fends […]

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Belgium Jewish Museum Shooter was ‘ISIS Torturer’ in Syria

Israel National News ISIS Torturer linked to Belgium Jewish Museum Murder attack. A freed French hostage has said the terrorist behind the deadly shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May was among his Islamic extremist captors in Syria, and was part of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terror group. Writing on the […]

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European Union buying ISIS Oil

Source Breitbart European Union buying ISIS oil European countries are unwittingly funding the ISIS terror campaign by buying oil from Islamic State controlled oil fields, claims a top EU official. The European Ambassador to Iraq has chastised Iran, Kurdistan and Turkey for allowing themselves to be used to facilitate the export of oil produced by […]

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The Jewish Exodus from the land of Antichrist Just Begun

By Walid Shoebat U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday urged the devil to coverup his horns when he asked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to “combat anti-Semitism” amidst reports that say that Turkish Jews are leaving the country due to growing anti-Semitism, exacerbated by the Islamist AKP government’s antagonism towards Israel and Jews. Turkey is […]

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U.S. State Department attempt at Muslim Propaganda

Below is a U.S. State Department propaganda video designed to dissuade Muslims from joining ISIS. Much of the graphic images we have exposed on but few of the Western Media outlets have shown what we have, but it is seems to be OK to make a You Tube video for Muslim consumption. The American […]

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Examining The Photos of the Killing of ISIS Caliph Al-Baghdadi

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Several Middle Eastern sources and newspapers from Iraq to Turkey are announcing that Caliph BagDadi has been bagged even including a photo claiming to be Al-Baghdadi’s body: But Pentagon Denies It Killed ISIS Chief As Airstrikes Hit Top Extremists. Should we trust the Pentagon, especially since an airstrike in the […]

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TIME Magazine gives Leader of Muslim Brotherhood Front Group a Platform to Profess ‘Islamic State’ is ‘Anti-Islamic’

The leader of perhaps the most prominent stealth jihadist organization in the U.S., which is connected to Hamas, Nihad Awad has been given a platform by TIME Magazine to prevent people from connecting his group to ISIS. Unfortunately for Awad, he may have been better off remaining silent. Right out of the gate, he asserts […]

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Oklahoma State Rep. Still Standing Behind Comments about Islam Despite CAIR’s Demands for Apology

Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett is so far not apologizing for comments he made about Islam on his personal facebook page in which he said Christians should be “wary” of Muslims in America. That doesn’t mean that CAIR isn’t going to stop pressuring him to do so, as the video clip from a local newscast […]

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Fox News ‘Experts’ in Denial about Syria

In response to a video clip of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in which Paul said ISIS has grown stronger in Syria as a result of the Obama administration’s “degrading” of Bashar al-Assad, resident Fox News expert Charles Krauthammer said the notion was “preposterous”. Beginning at the 4:13 mark of the video excerpt from Special Report […]

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Muslims Are Atheists

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims are atheists. Why do I say this? The modern perceptive on atheism is that it signifies no belief in God’s existence or the existence of anything supernatural. While this is true in the modern sense, atheism can also indicate a disbelief in orthodox doctrines. Both Atheism and Islam want to force […]

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