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House Speaker Boehner Preparing to Help ISIS

Arming the Syrian rebels helps no fewer than three states – Qatar, Turkey and the Islamic State. Despite this, House Speaker John Boehner is signaling that he will sign on to a plan that arms Syrian rebels. The main line of distinction between the FSA and ISIS is that there is almost no difference. FSA […]

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Texas Gun Shop Posts Up Sign That Says, “Does one of Obama’s family members have to be beheaded for ‘change’ to happen?”

By Theodore Shoebat A Texas gun store posted up this sign: According to a report: A Texas gun shop known for its controversial signs has managed to raise eyebrows once again by criticizing President Barack Obama and bringing up the gruesome issue of beheadings to do it. Outside of the Katy, Texas-based Tactical Firearms, the […]

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Satanist Cult In Florida Will Be Passing Satanic Literature To School Children To Indoctrinate Them On Satanism

By Theodore Shoebat A Satanist cult in Florida is planning on passing Satanic literature to school children in order to indoctrinate them on satanism. As a report tells us: The Satanic Temple has announced that it will provide pamphlets on Satanism to students in Florida, following the school board’s decision permitting the distribution of religious […]

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ISIS is Islamic then what is It?

Keith Davies political Commentator Based on The Obama administration’s logic as well as the prime minister of UK David Cameron – “Islamic terrorists are not Islamic”. If this is true, then based on the historical facts of brutal violence against innocent people by Islam this would mean that the Prophet Mohammed was also not Islamic, […]

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New Archeological Discovery of The Moon God Confirms The Oldest Reference to Allah

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) A 5,000 years old (3050 B.C. to 2650 B.C.) massive stone monument structure in the shape of a lunar-crescent stone has been identified 8 miles northwest of the Sea of Galilee in Israel which confirms to the oldest reference to Allah, Islam and its practice. Ido Wachtel, […]

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Phil Robertson: AIDS Virus Was Created By God To Punish Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat I find myself liking Phil Robertson the more he speaks on religious issues. Phil has yet again said something that everyone else is too afraid to say: AIDS was created by God to punish homosexuality. I absolutely agree! Phil said: I mean, a great question to ask is, ‘Why is it that […]

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Government Official, And The Israeli Government Say That Pope Francis Is Being Targeted For Assassination

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis is being targeted for assassination, said The Iraqi ambassador to the Holy See, Habeeb Al-Sadr. The ambassador said, What has been declared by the self-proclaimed Islamic State is clear – they want to kill the Pope… The threats against the Pope are credible. He continued to say: I believe they […]

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9/11 Commission’s Executive Director Shared Stage with Al-Qaeda Connected, Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader

Less than three years after the 9/11 Commission released its report in 2004, Philip Zelikow – the Commission’s Executive Director – shared a stage with Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi in Doha, Qatar (yes, AFTER the comprehensive report that should have revealed al-Qaradawi’s connection to al-Qaeda). The occasion was the annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum […]

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John Kerry Schooled on Islamic Terrorism by Egyptian Counterpart

Secretary of State John Kerry was in Egypt this weekend and received a bit of an education from his counterpart – Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri – on the issue of terror groups; it’s a point we’ve been making for a long time. To focus on al-Qaeda or ISIS specifically is like focusing on a small […]

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Qur’an Becoming Required Reading in Turkey’s Public Schools

Ah, the bitter fruits of interfaith dialogue and religious bridge-building. Turkey may be welcoming in Syrian Christian refugees but one of the consequences for those refugees will likely be having to watch their children indoctrinated by Islamic public schools. All this under a President Erdogan who allegedly carried around a copy of Mein Kampf as […]

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Muslims Take Christian Girls And Cut Their Breasts Off

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in the Middle East took Christian girls and cut their breasts off. Sister Hatune Dogan interviewed 280 girls and said that a number of them suffered this sort of mutilation, alongside rape and lacerations with blades. I did a video with some extensive commentary As a report from Katie Yoder says: […]

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