Lying State Department Ventriloquist Dummies Declare War on Bill O’Reilly Instead of on ISIS

This is truly an amazing piece of video. State Department spokesman ventriloquist dummy Marie Harf took exception yesterday to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly saying that her fellow ventriloquist dummy Jen Psaki was “way out of her depth” when it came to answering questions about ISIS. Harf decided to divine motive and claim that O’Reilly was being sexist. She did so without having a shred of evidence.

Harf sent out a tweet critical of O’Reilly and was subsequently asked about it by AP reporter Matt Lee. Here is Harf’s response:

Here is a screenshot of the tweet sent out by Harf in response to O’Reilly’s exchange with Rosen:


As to what it was that Harf objected to, the video of O’Reilly’s exchange with Rosen is below. What prompted O’Reilly’s criticism was the fact that Psaki would not label the beheadings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff as “acts of war”. Rosen further reinforced this reality by saying the State Department ventriloquist dummy was unwilling to assert that the U.S. is on a “war footing” with ISIS.

Despite Harf’s protestations and unsubstantiated claims that O’Reilly’s position is rooted in sexism, that – and that alone – is why O’Reilly was critical of Psaki.

The culture created by the Obama administration is clearly rubbing off on his underlings. In much the same way that it would rather focus on exacerbating issue of race in places like Ferguson than on ISIS, Harf would rather pick a fight based on sexism instead of with ISIS.

As for Harf, she has repeatedly lied from her podium. In so doing, she has run interference for Turkey, Qatar, Hamas, and… ISIS.

Someone should ask Harf if she thinks ISIS is more sexist than O’Reilly.


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