Egypt Offers Palestinians State inside of Egypt. Here’s Why:

As it turns out, Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah Al Sisi knows a dirty little secret that western liberals don’t. The “palestinians” are not indigenous to Israel but rather half are from Saudi Arabia and the other half are from Egypt.  And it’s not only the Egyptian president who understands this fun fact. Memri TV caught Hamas interior minister Fathi Hamad admitting that half of Palestinians are Saudi and half are Egyptian. In fact, the founder of the PLO and the first non-Roman Palestinian Yasser Arafat was born in none other than Cairo! None of these Arabs are actually indigenous to Israel or as only the Romans originally called it “Palestine”.

Don’t get your hopes up. Like the rest of the Arab leaders, Al-Sisi couldn’t care less about palestinian national destiny or whatever propagandist term the PR machines are calling it these days. That is not why Al-Sisi offered Abbas a state in Egypt instead of in Israel. Al Sisi offered Abbas a state inside of the Sinai in hopes of instilling law and order in the Sinai and a buffer between Egypt and Hamas controlled Gaza. In reality, Egypt doesn’t really treat the Sinai Peninsula like it’s part of Egypt. Since the Tahrir Square uprising in 2011, Egypt’s economy has been virtually depleted and the increased lack of effective rule in the Sinai is just one ignored symptom. Following last year’s military coup, the current Egyptian government’s resources have been drained even further compounding Egypt’s inability to enforce law and order in an already anarchistic peninsula.  Sinai is essentially run by rival clans and is rampant with gun running, human trafficking and Islamic terror.

One year ago, the Egyptian army began what it called the “largest military campaign against the terrorists in the northern Sinai Peninsula,” promising that it would continue until the whole area is”fully cleansed.” It was Egypt’s response to clan violence that has claimed the lives of dozens of Egyptian police and army officers since the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood government in July of 2013.  But the terrorists retaliated as two suicide bombers rammed their cars into an Egyptian army intelligence building in the city of Rafah, on the border of the Gaza Strip. At least nine Egyptian troops were killed and over twelve wounded. The level of lawlessness in the Sinai peninsula is so bad that it is threatening regional stability according to experts.

Groups like Mujahedeen Shura Council (“Environs of Jerusalem”), and Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (“Supporters of the Holy Temple”), have settled in the Sinai in hopes of establishing a caliphate in the lawless soil ripe for a hostile takeover.  Retired army general Hossam Sweilam, former president of the Egyptian army’s Center for Strategic Studies noted that many of the Sinai’s militants include Hamas and Al Qaeda supporters who escaped from jail during the revolution seeking refuge in a the terrorist sanctuary. They move freely in the Sinai which is home to at least nine known terrorist groups according to Egyptian military officials. Sweilan estimates the number of terrorists in the Sinai at about 3,500. Sweilam also argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the uncontrollable violence in the Sinai saying “Prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed el-Beltagi said that the attacks in Sinai could stop in a second if President Mohamed Morsi is reinstated.”

And that’s why Al Sisi offered Abbas a state in the Sinai peninsula. They’d ask Israel to retake the Sinai if it didn’t mean a death sentence from the Egyptian street.  Egypt can’t afford to get a grip on the region which they see as a ticking time bomb and a real security threat.  But a Sunni government who shares somewhat common interest with Egypt and receives billions of dollars a year in international aid could make for an ideal transplant.  Abbas has US trained troops who can probably shoot an AK-47 better than your average wild eyed Sinai Bedouin.  But Abbas probably realizes something that Al-Sisi doesn’t.  That is that once the palestinian cause is no longer about taking land from the Jewish people, he will lose all of his funding and might as well join those same Bedouin living in their tents. This is because without Israel, Abbas and the palestinians for that matter, are just more irrelevant Arabs in the middle east who will probably get swallowed alive by the next ISIS. The palestinian cause has nothing to do with the palestinians and everything to do with Israel. The US and EU don’t like Jews and don’t want a Jewish State but the only politically correct means of expressing it is by funding its enemy (ie. Palestinian Authority). That’s why the palestinian authority is the top recipient of international aid per capita. They get more cash from US and European governments than countries that actually have humanitarian crises. (Somehow, the US government and it’s $564 billion debt finds it appropriate to allocate $5 billion in aid since the mid 90’s).

It’s a real shame.  The Sinai peninsula is a true gem of real estate with a 2,300 mile coastline of breathtakingly scenic coral beaches and rich with natural gas. But the Jihadis are too busy running amok to take a step back and consider the potential.

Israel seems to be the most feasible solution to sovereignty in the Sinai, but before that, Israel must establish sovereignty in Gaza.