Israeli Politician Humiliates Obama

Israeli parliamentarian and coalition member Ayelet Shaked went where no mainstream media outlet dared to go. She called out Obama’s failure to understand the real danger facing the Middle East and threatening the free world.

Obama stated in an interview with NBC news that “the problem for Sunni states in the region, many of whom are our allies, is not simply Iran. It’s not simply a Sunni-Shia issue,” he added. “Sunni extremism, as represented by ISIL, is the biggest danger that they face right now. And with that understanding, it gives us the capacity for them to start getting more active and more involved.” This means that the commander in chief believes that countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan are more worried about ISIS than a nuclear Iran.

Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home party called out Obama taking to her Facebook page saying that it is “unimaginable that the US President thinks that several thousand terrorists riding around on pickup trucks is more dangerous than Iran as a nuclear power all because of two YouTube videos.” Shaked continued: “ISIS is is a dangerous organization and needs to be confronted in an all-out war, but to dismiss the Iranian threat on their account?” She then pointed out that Iran is at the threshold of becoming nuclear powerhouse and at the same time is sponsoring terrorism throughout the Middle East. Shaked then noted that the “Government of Iraq, while fighting ISIS cried out for help before they began their journey of conquests and Obama refused. Better late than never.”

Its hard to disagree with Shaked’s assessment.  ISIS is gruesome, cruel, barbaric and their beheadings are grizzly but how powerful are they really? Especially compared to Iran?  Let’s compare the two shall we: Iranian sponsored terror has created Hizbullah, Hamas and is responsible for virtually all unrest in Iraq during operation Iraqi Freedom. resulting in the death of 4,486 U.S. service members.

Now let’s take a look at ISIS’s scorecard.  They have primarily massacred unarmed, defenseless Christian and Kurdish civilians as well as several western journalists.

Let us have a look at military capability:

The Iranian military boasts 425,000 personnel respectively. The Islamic Republic of Iran army has 350,000 personnel, the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy has 18,000 personnel, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force has 52,000 airmen flying advanced jet fighters such as the F-14 Tomcat.  It has also been confirmed that Iran is one of only five countries that have a cyber army capable of conducting cyber-warfare operations.  Iran has also manufactured their own unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which can be utilized for reconnaissance operations. Most importantly,, they are on the brink of acquiring nuclear warheads.

Let us compare that with the much talked about ISIS. They have may rifles, machine guns, small arms, M-79 rockets, and have seized several armored personnel carriers and humvees. Although they may not have a Cyber-army capable of conducting cyber-warfare operations on an international scale, they do have iphones and the capability of uploading videos to Youtube!

Now who’s the big bad wolf?

Obama’s utter lack of proportionality is consistent with his soft approach to Iran’s nuclear aspirations.  This is one of the main reasons that during Israel’s war with Hamas this summer, Israel’s unlikely bedfellows namely Egypt and Saudi Arabia overtly supported Israel in their battle against Iran’s proxy (Hamas). This was revealed when Saudi foreign minister Saud Bin Faisal al Saud said “we must denounce our hatred toward Israel and begin to normalize ties with the Jewish nation”

Its not that they care about Israel, but rather they understand that Hamas is just one of Iran’s proxies trying to destabilize non-Shiite countries in the Middle East like the Muslim Brotherhood did in Egypt.

Obama’s naive statements are heard loud and clear by Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Iran couldn’t have elected a more like minded US president themselves. So although it is obvious that Iran is far more dangerous than ISIS, why all the noise over ISIS?

The answer-sensationalism.  Watching the beheading of an American journalist on tv is chilling and will shake any normal person to the bone. Here in Israel, we understand the power of sensationalism all too well. That is because the palestinian PR machine exploits sensationalism every time they launch an offensive against Israel. Viewers can more easily relate to footage of an Arab child getting rushed to an ambulance on a stretcher than to hearing reports of hundreds of missiles being launched from Gaza into Israel. These sort of anecdotal images and video clips have led to extremely successful PR victories for the Arabs in both Gaza and Lebanon. It’s human nature. A video of a Muslim beheading western journalists leaves a far scarier image in people’s minds than the same Muslim working behind the scenes to destroy the world with nuclear missiles.

As Shaked pointed out, Obama is getting distracted by Youtube videos. This is reminiscent of previous attempts by the White House to distract the American people with Youtube videos in a futile attempt to deflect blame for the US embassy attack in Benghazi.  In case you don’t remember, the White House erroneously blamed the attack on a US embassy in Benghazi, Libya in 2012 on a Youtube video about Islam that nobody in Libya even saw.

As evil and chilling as a death on Youtube may be, imagine the hundreds of thousands of deaths on that same video the day after Iran obtains nuclear weapons.


David Sidman is our correspondent in Israel.