Presidents of U.S. and Muslim Turkey Both Bullies Who Want To Be Seen as Victims

Bullies hate to be seen for what they are. When that begins to happen, they will actually play the victim card. In a statement that reveals a stunning level of projection, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdgoan is accusing ‘international media’ of waging a ‘psychological war’, also known as PSYOPs against Turkey. In so doing, he sounds a bit like his U.S. counterpart bemoaning Fox News and Rush Limbaugh while targeting journalists like James Rosen and allegedly covertly co-opting the computer of Sharyl Attkisson.

Erdogan, a student of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, appears to be revealing some of his hero’s traits, such as paranoia. That’s what happens when you practice PSYOPs yourself; you begin to get ensnared by your own deceptive tactics.

According to Hurriyet:

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused the international media of waging a “psychological war” against Turkey, also slamming local media outlets for collaborating in this campaign.

“There is a psychological war against Turkey in the western media, based on complete lies,” Erdoğan said during a speech at Bezmialem University yesterday. “Each day, some international newspapers come up and conduct a perception operation. Turkey is not a country that will bow either to domestic treason networks or to perception operations abroad,” he added.

The president cited examples for what he called “lies” about a range of issues, including Ankara’s press freedom record, its stance on the war in Syria, as well as its religious education policies.

Erdoğan said an international journalism association recently came to visit him with “almost automatized orders in their hands,” in apparent reference to his Oct. 2 meeting with a joint delegation of the Vienna-based International Press Institute (IPI) and the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The situation of imprisoned journalists in Turkey was one of the central issues investigated by the press freedom mission.

“I asked them which journalists they met and gathered their information from,” he said, adding that the visiting delegation refused to provide the names of their sources. “I know who told you these things, but only seven journalists are in prison, not 100 like you said,” he quoted himself as replying.

Erdogan is indeed familiar with PSYOPs himself; he’s reportedly used the ‘false flag’ tactic consistently. That too is a technique of his Nazi hero.

As reported earlier this year, Erdogan’s inner circle – to include then Foreign Affairs Minister and current Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as well as Intelligence chief Hakan Fidan – were caught in an audio recording… plotting… PSYOPs.

The discussion involved Turkey’s stealth collaboration with ISIS to attack a sacred Turkish shrine in Syria. The attack would be used to justify a Turkish invasion of Syria:

Erdoğan’s government was planning a false flag attack to be executed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) against the tomb of Suleiman Shah in Syria to justify the intervention of the Turkish army in Syria, therefore making an excuse to spark a war.

Here is the audio:

Erdogan has attempted to claim the recordings are fake… Really, dude?

Then of course, there’s the matter of the now infamous chemical attack in Syria in August of 2013. According to a comprehensive and detailed report, that too was carried out by jihadi proxies at the behest of the Turks in order to justify a declaration by the Obama administration that Assad had crossed Obama’s ‘Red line’.

Very early on, after that chemical attack, was very suspicious of the claims Assad was responsible. There was far more evidence that was the case than there existed otherwise.

Several weeks ago, Shoebat.comIS also reported on Turkey’s permitting ISIS to establish a consulate in Ankara with 700 Bureaus located near mosques throughout the country.

How about the demonstrable fact that Turkey is bombing the Kurds but refuses to bomb ISIS?

It’s almost enough to make a man who’s been caught using PSYOPs want to accuse others of doing so to avoid some unwanted spotlight.

That sounds like someone else we know.


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