Muslim Who Used Hatchet on NYPD Officers Visited ISIS and al-Qaeda Websites

It would have been nice to see this reported soon after the terror attack but it’s been revealed that the hatchet-wielding Muslim Zale Thompson who attacked four NYPD police officers last month visited ISIS and al-Qaeda websites in the days prior to the attack. Mainstream media and politicians wanted to play down the Muslim connection of Zale Thompson in the hatchet attack on four NYPD officers last month. They can no longer do that, which basically means they’ll begin to ignore it.

ABC News reports:

In the days since the brazen Oct. 23 daylight ax attack on NYPD cops, investigators have pieced together the final days and weeks in the life in attacker Zale Thompson, 32, who was shot and killed by police defending themselves.

Two sources briefed on the case tell ABC News that Thompson’s history paints the picture of a man consumed by jihadi philosophy and a desire to attack U.S. government and authority figures, egged on by the brazen attack on Canada’s parliament a day before.

“As of last Thursday, detectives had found 277 sites he visited within last nine months that had something to do with al Qaeda, ISIS, beheadings or jihad,” said one police source. “He’s been all over the charts.”

After the attack, ISIS cheered Thompson’s actions but there was little interest in tying Thompson to the terrorist group because there was supposedly no evidence he belonged to the group. These discoveries essentially show that he was recruited by ISIS through websites and social media. ISIS is able to cast a wide net and recruit people it never meets.

In addition to the websites viewed by the attacker, sources said his computer showed a rambling “manifesto” in which Thompson wrote “seek them out, watch them and then attack them. Chop off the head of the beast. If we can’t do it ‘there,’ we have to do it here.”

About five days before the attack, Thompson locked himself in a room in his father’s home, where he did little but view jihadi websites until his father threw him out on Oct. 21, police sources said.

“The guy was angry at authority, angry at the establishment,” one source said. “And so he’s in there basically getting hypnotized by the computer. Talk about brainwashing. This guy sat in his room for days at least three days straight, closed the door and just sat in front of his computer.”

It’s safe to say that Thompson was a soldier of ISIS in the U.S.


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