Three Years After Cheering Rise of Muslim Brotherhood, Doofus John McCain Wonders Why ‘Radical Islam’ On the Rise

Like an arsonist who sets a fire and wonders why the building burned down, Senator John McCain is all of a sudden bemoaning the rise of ‘radical Islam’. With little due respect, Senator… Duh! During an appearance on Fox & Friends, McCain appears ignorant to the fact that he has been a key player in the U.S. reaping what it has sown over the last three-plus years.

Feel free to watch the whole clip if you’d like but it’s cued up at the only spot that matters.

Wow. Just wow (via WFB):

Really, Senator? In April of 2011, McCain was practically orgasmic over the prospect of the Arab Spring Muslim Brotherhood spreading to Russia and China:

This is the same doofus who referred to the Mujahideen in Libya as his ‘heroes’. In less than two years, four Americans would be murdered in Benghazi. In less than two years after that, the U.S. would close its embassy in Tripoli.

Last year, after the overthrow of Mursi, McCain traveled to Egypt to plead for the release of Mohammed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Had he gotten his way, that ‘radical Islam’ problem he’s crying about now would be a whole lot worse:

Within weeks of his pouring gas on an Egyptian fire, he would point to a chemical attack in Syria as justification for U.S. action to remove Bashar al-Assad, despite overwhelming evidence the attack was not launched by Assad. Again, had McCain gotten his way, things would be far worse in Syria right now:


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