CNN Turns Muslims Into Victims After Terror Attack on Synagogue

Sorry folks, CNN gets no leniency here. There is no way this was an accident. We have already been informed by an unimpeachable source that CNN has been in collaboration with Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the past.

The latest infraction is particularly despicable. In the moments after a Synagogue in west Jerusalem was besieged by Muslim terrorists, who murdered four Rabbis in cold blood, CNN posted a graphic while interviewing Jerusalem’s mayor that referenced an attack on a “Jerusalem Mosque” (h/t Diana):

CNN has a history of committing egregious and terminable offenses only to either ignore them or issue ham-handed retractions. Consider the clip from 2012 below. CNN’s Don Lemon begins by referencing a completely bogus report filed by Sara Sidner, who had been reporting from Gaza.

During a previous report, Sidner accused Israelis of killing a young Palestinian boy. As time passed, it was revealed that the boy was killed by Hamas. Instead of Sidner being fired, Lemon essentially issued a retraction on her behalf and then kicked it over to her for a new report as if she’d done nothing wrong:

Here is the bogus report Sidner filed:


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