Trouble Continues Finding Muslim State Senator

Missouri State Senator Jamillah Nasheed who is also a Muslim, has become one of the prominent faces in support of the Ferguson protesters as has reported. It’s now being reported that she was recently the victim of an attempted robbery and carjacking in her own driveway and that she had a gun put to her head. The alleged attacker was a young black male.

Nasheed has an ironically interesting perspective in light of what she’s been doing lately. According to one report:

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed is the latest victim of violence in the city of St. Louis.

Following a tweet about her attempted robbery, Nasheed told CNN she had a gun held to her head, “I’m not exempt. We’re living in a community where you have extreme poverty, and individuals are just extremely hopeless. They don’t care about life and don’t care about taking the life of others. I just don’t believe that he knew who I was.”

Nasheed said a man approached her after she got out of her car at her home overnight, “I had my purse in my hand, with a bag and a soda for my little kid. He got out of a car and said to give him my keys. I told him I wasn’t giving him anything. He said if you don’t give me your keys, I’ll kill you. I said to do whatever you have to do. He backed up, walked away, and got back in his car.”

It is interesting that Nasheed blames poverty for the actions of the attacker after she’s been helping to foment anger in Ferguson that is rooted in that very thing.

It was just one month ago that Nasheed was arrested outside the Ferguson police department for refusing to get out of the street, as reported. Nasheed, a proponent of gun control laws, was carrying a loaded 9mm weapon when she was arrested and police reported she smelled of alcohol; she declined a breathalyzer test.

The motivation of the attacker and his familiarity with the Michael Brown case is not known but if the unrest in Ferguson facilitated – in part – by Nasheed had anything to do with it, irony would certainly not be in short supply.

Here is a local news report in which Nasheed is interviewed about the alleged attack:


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