After Watching The Jordanian POW Burn Alive The Jordanian Government Will Have The World Watch 5 Terrorists Get Executed In The Next 5 Hours (so stay tuned)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

In response to ISIS for burning alive a Jordanian fighter pilot, Jordan will execute Sajida al-Rishawi, the failed female suicide bomber whose release was sought by the Islamic State militant group, “within hours,” Reuters reported on Tuesday. The Jordanian government stated that the execution will be at dawn Wednesday Jordan time which will be 5 hours from now, around 11:30 eastern time USA.


Sajida Rishawi in a cage before she burns in hell

Rishawi was hopeful she get released last week when negotiation attempts to substitute her with the Jordanian POW were underway, but her good news soon reversed into her own execution.

Good riddance.


Here is how this is done in the Middle East:

“The decision has been taken to implement the death sentence against the Iraqi convict and others,” a Jordanian security source told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The death sentence will be carried out alongside a series of jihadists: Ziad Karbouli and 4 others belonging to al Qaeda.


Ziad Karbouli

The King of Jordan including the Jordanian army vowed fire back: “Al-Kassasbeh’s blood will not go in vain,” while the Jordanian government announced today that the Jordanian response to ISIS would be “firm and seismic and strong.”


King Abdullah of Jordan


Karbouli was accused of belonging to al-Qaeda and Jordanian forces arrested him in May 2006 and issued a state security court sentenced him to death on the fifth of May 2007, but the sentence has not been implemented yet and today was made an exception.

Karbouli on a Jordanian television broadcast in May 2006 admitted to killing a Jordanian driver in Iraq and targeted Jordanian interests.

But Rishawi has become quite the icon for ISIS. In 2005, al-Rishawi and her husband attacked a Radisson hotel in Jordan, but only his explosives detonated. After her explosives failed, she fled with the crowd but was later arrested. Following a televised confession, in which she claimed her husband was the mastermind of the double suicide bombing plan, she was sentenced to death.

Though al-Rishawi’s terrorist affiliations are with Al-Qaeda, which has been at odds with ISIS in some parts of the Middle East. It is not only that Rishawi is linked to ISIS through relatives, but the hotel operation was inspired by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a member of Al-Qaeda and the inspiration behind the creation of ISIS who planned the 2005 hotel attack and is why Rishawi became an icon for ISIS.

Al-Zarqawi’s second in command is al-Rishawi’s brother, and al-Zarqawi has been linked to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—the leader of ISIS and her husband was also ‘martyred’ even including her first husband as well. Although Rishawi failed in her mission as a second detonation it was a malfunction and not cowardice as ISIS sees it.

But understanding all this is important to the growth of ISIS. What ISIS wants is an icon of a Jihadi mother which is part of Islam’s history. Al-Khansa, a famous 7th-century female poet and contemporary of the Prophet Muhammad who converted to Islam and wrote elegies for his brothers, father and children after they were killed in battle.

Rishawi to ISIS is reminiscent to Rabi’a Al-‘Adawiyya to the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-‘Adawiyya was from the eighth century, a woman from Basra who first formulated the Sufi ideal of a love of Allah is such an icon in which one mosque in Al-Nahda Square in Cairo was given that name which became an icon for the four-fingers and since Rabi’a means “Fourth” it became “Rabi’a four finger sign,” which has gained widespread popularity which users from all parts in the world showed interest from Asia to Europe and from Africa to the USA. Thousands of users notably in Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Bosnia Herzegovina, Malaysia and Indonesia use the symbol. On the Facebook, the number of those using “Rabia sign” as a profile picture is reported to be over 100 million. Even Erdogan of Turkey is leading the way when he shows such support on most of his photo ops speaking to Muslim crowds. The symbol has now spread globally in support of an Islamic utopia. The problem of Islam is not just ISIS, but an entire Islamic revolution which is soon to encompass the Muslim world whole.




It also appears as R4BIA which some say its Rabia For Brotherhood’s Independant Army, but at face value its the obvious symbol of Rabia For Bia (Bay’a) which Bay’a/Bay’at is “Allegiance” to the Muslim Caliphate.

The outreach of this type of thing is immense.

ISIS wants a female icon, just as Islam had for centuries and as the Muslim Brotherhood has. This is not the idea of elevating women, but that the role of mothers in Islam is strictly to produce Jihadists. In fact, this is the second time ISIS has asked for a female Al-Qaeda member in exchange for a hostage. Following the execution of American journalist James Foley, it was disclosed that ISIS wanted to trade the reporter for Aafia Siddiqui, best known as “Lady Al-Qaeda.” After Foley’s death, the terrorist organization also offered a second hostage, Steven Sotloff, for Siddiqui.


Aafia Siddiqui aka Lady Al-Qaeda

She is currently serving an 86-year sentence in Texas after being charged with attempted murder, armed assault, carrying a firearm, assaulting American officers and being an Al-Qaeda sympathizer.

So what happened to Jordan could happen to the U.S. and ISIS will soon ask for Aafia Siddiqui. ISIS needs an icon and the Americans should quickly execute these, sooner better than later, but instead, Obama releases them back into circulation.

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