ISIS Caliph Al-Baghdadi Just Issues An Official Reward To Anyone Who Kills Coalition Pilots While Muslims Are Joyful Over The Burning Of Jordanian POW As UAE Succumbs To The Threat And Drops Out

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

ISIS is on a massive media campaign to influence the street. All throughout the Islamic State, they have erected theatre size screens that continually play 24/7 the 22 minute clip of the burning of Jordanian POW Muath Al-Kassaseh and they gathered opinions from a jubilant joyous Muslims. They flaunt their success that the UAE finally pulled out and credit Al-Baghdadi who issued a decree rewarding anyone who kills a pilot.

“What did you like the most” asks the interviewer?

“This is the outcome to all who attack Islam … to the pilots I say what happened to Muaz will happen to you, Allah willing”.

The other commented “the method of his killing is the same way as he killed Muslims. Our hearts are filled with joy. All the pilots who fly against us are destined the same way”.

A child is even interviewed who says: “I am very very happy. I hope we catch the rest. My message for them is come here so I will burn you myself”.

The United Arab Emirates has been expressing concern that the United States has allowed Iran to play a growing role in the fight against ISIS as well its fear in not trusting the U.S. to put forth efforts to rescue pilots. This is what some media in the West stated.

But this is only a half truth. What is happening and what is coming in the pipeline by ISIS will be targeted assassinations of pilots including anyone whom ISIS considers a threat to their cause. It is interesting that the UAE has pulled out just when ISIS issued the 22 minute video from Al-Furqan. In addition, Al-Baghdadi issued a decree rewarding 100 golden dinars to anyone who kills Jordanian pilots or causes them to be incapacitated to the point they cannot fly. ISIS issued the edict which obtained a copy:


” … The Shura Council obtained approval by The Islamic State to allocate a financial reward to whomever kills a Jordanian pilot or incapacitates him prohibiting him from flying or working with the Crusader coalition that targets Muslims in the Islamic State. The Diwan, therefore designated a reward of 100 golden dinars to be received by the collector with the currency of the Islamic State or which ever is equivalent in any other currency of his choice. The Islamic State will deliver the sum to any designated address after ensuring the evidence in any way possible. Therefore, here are the names and addresses of the Jordanian pilots …”

The date converted from the Hijra date of the document shows today’s date. This was effective enough to thwart the UAE where many willing Muslims exist and willing to do harm to pilots who can be easily found. This creates a massive problem for U.S. led coalition forces to know that now you are on the hunt and you’r next in line.

And it is not only the UAE, an Arab partner whose involvement was heralded by the U.S. early in the campaign against Islamic State, suspended its airstrikes, but also Morocco, which hasn’t said publicly that it participates in airstrikes, has suspended flights by its F-16s in coordination with the U.A.E., Casablanca-based Medias24 and Rabat-based Alyaoum24 reported, without saying how they got the information.

Six Moroccan F-16s carried out at least 20 missions against Islamic State through December, the news organizations reported. Morocco government spokesman Mustapha Khalfi didn’t return calls seeking comment.

ISIS’s fear campaign is working. Before the official declaration by ISIS, in the 22 minute video produced by Al-Furqan, ISIS had disclosed each name of the pilots pinpointing their addresses from an areal view (see end of video beginning at 19:44).

For the Arab coalition this presents a tremendous problem in which there are ample Jihadists living in their societies and now that there is a price on their heads, the Arab coalition will begin to retract.

The most influential figure in the Muslim world is none other than Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He is currently playing a calculated tactic, while he condemns the burning of the Jordanian POW, he was quick to express that all Jihadists should be released and that no executions of any terrorist should be carried out.

“I condemn the killing of the pilot by ISIS, and offer my condolences to his family and Jordanians,” he said. Jordan and Saudi Arabia are part of the U.S.-led alliance bombing ISIS, which has seized large areas of Iraq and Syria.

While such a message is palatable for the West, to the East, the message was completely different. Erdoğan touched on the recent death penalties handed down by the Egyptian court, calling it unacceptable.

“I hereby call out to the international community to condemn the death penalty given to 183 people by Egypt’s coup administration. They’re telling me to keep calm. How can we keep calm when people get executed for objecting to a coup,” he said.

In response to the Egyptian court’s decision on Monday to uphold 183 death sentences, Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgiç said: “We issued a condemnation.” The Turkish Foreign Ministry released a statement Tuesday saying the ruling was “far from a fair trial” and would not provide the country with permanent peace or stability. “We will continue our solidarity with the brotherly Egyptian people,” the statement read.

ISIS plays a role in Turkey’s propaganda, also of Japan’s in order to recreate their lost domination of Asia. To learn more about this continue reading more here.

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