The King Strikes Back At The Islamic Caliphate On The First Round Of Attacks After ISIS Burned Jordan’s POW

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

As promised from our report yesterday, the King has delivered his first gift to Caliph Al-Baghdadi, a parcel of raids against ISIS. Or lets say Raid, the bug killer. That including a tactic to demoralize ISIS’s troops (more on that later)

The TV screen shows Al-Kassasbeh on the top left corner with several flights taking off and then filmed how they bombarded ISIS (see photo results below).

The coverage on the Jordanian attacks reveal that Jordanian jets carried out air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria on Thursday (today) and flew over the village where the Jordanian pilot was burned alive by ISIS as the King promised to do “we will hit them at their strongholds and living centers”.

While western media did not specify the specific sites the fighter jets hit and local media said the planes went after targets in Raqqa, a Syrian stronghold for the terror group as The Jordan Times reports.

This is what we know from western media.

However, this is simply food crumbs. has been monitoring ISIS communications and Middle Eastern sources to revealed that there were several air raid attacks on the city of Shahadi, 50 km south of Al-Hasakah destroying nearly 500 apartments belonging to ISIS personnel and around 60 apartments that belonged to ISIS officials.

In addition to targeting the headquarters of Aljbsh Directorate that ISIS uses as a base which they fled from their headquarters and went to the Al-Ghaz Directorate, which is run by the Syrian regime while the town turned into a ring of fire and smoke.


The same sources reveal that the headquarters of ISIS’s area forty-seven five km from Shaddadi was also targeted. Monitoring tweets by ISIS reveals tremendous suffering. In this photo it shows a huge ball of fire in which one ISIS tweets lamenting: “These are the volcanoes that the brothers of Muath Al-Kassasbeh powered on Muslims in Al-Baraka Shadadi. Do we hear any condemnations?” One source stated that these balls of fire were the exploding oil resources Jordan bombed today that ISIS steals from Syria.



Photo of one major explosion at Shadadi by Jordanian air raids. ISIS operative Qusurat Al-Qaysi comments “These are the volcanoes that the brothers of Muath Al-Kassasbeh powered on Muslims in Al-Baraka Shadadi. Do we hear any condemnations?”


Charred bodies resulted from today’s air raids.


Indeed, ISIS is having a taste of their own medicine they gave to Jordan’s POW, but with a much heavier dosage, of course. This is Middle Eastern style justice and the King is pouring his wrath and Jordan had its own promotional version in response to ISIS titled “Operation Revenge Muath”:

While the media in the west scrambles with mixed messages and confusion that Jordan is fighting in Iraq as they claim Jordanian sources say while U.S. government says Syria, fact is they are fighting in Syria as we find from first hand accounts on the ground and as it seems the raids against ISIS was coordinated with the Syrian regime which targeted the town of Tal Hamis, and Al-Hamdi and other sites in the town of Tell Brak south Qamishlo City. On the ground the Syrian-backed Army for National Defense stormed the town of Tal Hamis.

It is possible that the Jordanians are denying the details for reasons, its even possible that the first report with the king leading the raids, while some reports confirmed it, Jordan denied it, could all be for tactical reasons. Is it perhaps they want ISIS in Iraq to scramble while they hit ISIS in Syria? Is it that the king’s security is at stake with announcing he is leading air raids personally? We will probably never find out, but as it seems, the media is being used for tactical reasons to spread confusion amongst ISIS operatives. The Kingdom of Jordan has tremendous experience in this type of warfare having fought the Palestinians in the seventies and understands the Muslim mindset better than westerners.

Tactical warfare is also used to cause confusion as Jordan is doing an effective psychological warfare when they just released Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, an influential jihadi cleric who was an icon to ISIS Jihadists worldwide. Al-Maqdisi who is now viewed as a collaborator for Jordan, became a fierce critic of ISIS in the wake of outrage over the group’s brutal killing of the air force pilot who was captured while bombing targets in Syria.


Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi



Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi


While Reuters said that his release triggers immediate speculation that the intention is to encourage him to speak out against Isis, fact is (from a Middle Eastern perspective), its a brilliant move. Al-Maqdisi who was held in Jordan was used to negotiate the release of Muath Al-Kassasbeh, the POW pilot and has revealed that ISIS was lying to him during the communications with their leaders and then condemned ISIS as a brutal organization after burning the POW. Monitoring ISIS reactions on Twitter shows that operatives are concluding that an ISIS diehard, a major religious Jihadi figure condemning them made him an agent and a sell-out, a traitor of this calliber would mean that their own immediate leaders could not be trusted either. This effects the moral of ISIS’s rank and file who would rather die than betray the cause.

A king like Abdullah, is not like a Caliph, or a spiritual leader who is not willing to die and at times do cooperate to save their own hide preferring to use the pulpit to tell others to sacrifice themselves for the cause of Allah.

Maqdisi is a major figure. He acted as the spiritual guide to the Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former leader of al-Qaida in Iraq – the forerunner of Isis – but later, when he realized their are punishments from local governments like the hanging noose, he disowned him for targeting civilians indiscriminately in the Amman hotel bombings which killed 57 people in 2005, dubbed Jordan’s 9/11. Maqdisi was also involved in abortive efforts to negotiate the release of the US aid worker and Muslim convert Peter Abdul-Rahman Kassig before he was beheaded by Isis, a Guardian investigation revealed.

Syrian cleric, Shaykh Muhammad Al­Yaqoubi, leads a prayer service in memory of Abdul-Rahman Kassig, whose name was Peter before his conversion to Islam, in Fishers

Convert Peter Abdul-Rahman Kassig


Kassig getting beheaded


ISIS operatives wonder as to why would Maqdisi trust the Jordanian government, especially that they threw him back in prison after he negotiated for an American, Kassig, and then negotiates for the release of Muath Al-Kassasbeh with ISIS.


Monitoring ISIS Twitter. Abu Khabbab Al-Iraqi tweets “How dare Maqdisi do this after all he did to [try] releasing the American and after the Jordanian intelligence threw him in prison? And then how does he accept it then after this to negotiate for Muath [Al-Kassasbeh] … I have read the letter I received from Al-Qaeda in Yemen and by Allah, when I read the letter I was greatly saddened. He said that ISIS lied to him and I challenge him to prove that ISIS even talked to him”

 A litany of accusations stems from ISIS leadership accusing Maqdisi of lying. But the problem of allowing lying in Islam is that it creates a conspiratorial mindset and is why the Middle East is plagued with conspiracy theories. To the Jordanian king who learned from his British training as his father King Hussein did: to divide and conquer would ensure the kings longevity.

Long Live The King


King Abdullah with his troops

As for my style of Jordanian tribal way of looking at some of this footage with arial strikes, I choose this video which gets me going. It says: “here for you ISIS you dogs”:


The Guardian

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