British Hostage John Cantlie Converted To Islam And Now He Sure Can Lie. Watch (Inside Aleppo) A Documentary Using Muslim Taqqyia Mixed With High Quality Of British Style Propaganda

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

When it comes to British propaganda, John Cantlie, or as we at call him John CanLie has become the perfect mutant. His journalism has a BBC style delivery mixed in with it is a heavy dose of Islamic Taqiyya. Such a mix makes him the perfect propaganda Molotov Cocktail in the hands of ISIS terrorists.

Now he has appeared in a new Islamic State propaganda video released by ISIS today. “Inside Aleppo,” CanLie says will be the last in this series (I sure hope so).

In the video, CanLie shows how the city, despite having been “smashed to rubble” by US-led coalition bombings, as well as the Syrian army, still functions under ISIS and is enjoying a “thriving economy”, of course.

Al Hayat Media Center, the ISIS media wing, released the video shot in a high-quality documentary-style, the film shows the inside of a school where the children are being trained to “form the Mujahideen of the next generation.”

Wow, sounds exciting. The way things are going here in the U.S. perhaps soon this will become part of American curriculum. American Children In One American School District Must Now Observe A Muslim Holiday In Which Muslims Behead An Animal.

In the latest video, Cantlie is now seen wearing civilian clothing and looking like a typical British bum who takes a shower once a year. In previous episodes of the “series” he wore an orange jumpsuit, in reference to the clothes Guantanamo Bay detainees have to wear. I prefer him in the orange jumpsuit with his head on his back, to be frank. Hopefully this might be “coming soon”.

He also talks about drone surveillance of the area by coalition forces and drone strikes against ISIS. Cantlie claims the jihadists are not affected by the bombings and often “enjoy a relaxing cup of tea,” continue to build new homes in Aleppo and just “get on with” life. I guess he wasn’t in any of the Jihad Nikah (sex Jihad) operations.

Can Lie also explains Islamic concepts in the video, such as Sharia Law and how nice it is to chop hands off. He is seen sitting among Muslims inside a Sharia court, explaining that while the punishment for theft – cutting off a hand – seems “harsh,” the offender will at least not do it again.

The Islamic State has held Cantlie captive for more than two years but he has now become an obvious mouthpiece, or lets just say big mouth for ISIS.

Previous videos include a series titled “Lend Me Your Ears.” Later installments include “Inside Ayn al Islam,” also known as the Syrian city of Kobani, and “Inside Mosul,” the Iraqi city.

If this ‘documentary’ is telling the truth, perhaps Canlie can tell us what this video is all about:

Canlie perhaps will deny that this is the real Aleppo and the sounds he will tell us are simply Muslim festivities using fireworks. And the canister? Well, its the new state of the art ISIS’s UPS style delivery of propane since there is an obvious need for more heat on the other side.

Beware of British propaganda, but beware of British propaganda even more, when it converts to Islam.