British Interviewer CANNOT Process Simple Facts About Islamic Terrorism in Interview with French Politician Who Clearly Lays Them Out

French politician and Front National Party leader Marine Le Pen sat down with BBC interviewer Hugh Edwards, who played the role of devil’s advocate so well he must be one. As is typical for thick-headed, left-wing media personalities, this chap had the firewall behind his forehead fully charged as it batted away facts like a bug zapper takes out mosquitoes.

Le Pen spoke of such controversial topics as liberty, leadership and controlled immigration.

Clearly defensive, Edwards objected when Le Pen chastised his network for not properly identifying the source of the Charlie Hebdo attacks last month. With a furrowed brow, the interviewer insisted his network had used the word “terrorism” shortly after the attacks.

It never ceases to amaze how people like Edwards get angrier with people like Le Pen than they do with people who want to kill them. There really is only one explanation for that – cowardice. Le Pen called out leaders for that too:

A look behind the forehead of Hugh Edwards. Each zap represents the fate of another fact that vainly tries to penetrate his thick skull:

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