The “astonishing” speech on Anti-Semitism by Prime Minister of France is not as “astonishing” as you think?

There are many sending around the speech by Prime Minister of France Manual Valls with the left-wing Anti Defamation League leading the way. The ADL unlisted the video which means it is hard to actually find it on You Tube or even on their channel, that is baffling.

The short speech certainly has the passionate rhetoric and is certainly better than no condemnation at all. However the speech falls way short of what is needed;for what it does not say and what it leaves out. The Prime Minister never once mentioned the main perpetrators of the anti-Semitism, never called on the Muslim clergy to outlaw the attacks on the Jews, never stated what he would do to the Muslim community if they continue their incitement and their murder. No not one word. So the rhetoric was great, but the actions to stop it were lacking. It is easy to speak, it is more difficult to do.

Watch it and let us know in the comments of what you think of this analysis.


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