See Photos Of ISIS Packing Cages With Little Children In Orange Jump Suits. Then They Light Up A Fire. And Then They Say That “The Coalition Burns Children Alive”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Some are circulating images on social media saying that ISIS burned Christian children alive in cages.

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Are these Twitter exchanges true?

The photos are true, but the message is not.


Truth is, and since many do not read Arabic, they get lied to. Sure, the photo is real, but the statement of “burning them alive” is false.


The original source of the article can be found by clicking here which includes this photo:



Translating from the original article, it states:

“Activists on social media on a Sunday morning had a number of children crammed inside a cage as a symbolic gesture with fire approaching them as a snapshot aiming to draw attention to the disastrous situation to remind the world about the blood and carnage and fires caused by bombs and rockets from the [coalition] bombing. Children were dressing in orange, which is the same cloak that the Jordanian pilot captive “Muaz Kasasbeh” wore when he was killed by ISIS when he was burned to death. Children were filming this scene in a place where the regime made a massacre which claimed the lives of about 50 people …”

Always remember while ISIS carries out evil stunts, they are not void of carrying out sick media stunts as well, which includes this one.

For decades, this method of propaganda has been used on Israel. The West sucked it all up. Children suffering is always used be these evil reprobates. But the question westerners need to ask, is who initiated the very evil that caused the death of civilians.

It is the oldest trick of the devil. He tells his subjects to murder. But when retaliation comes and as a result folks are killed, he accuses the other side of murder.