Muslims Are Running A Massive Operation Harvesting Organs And Trafficking These Operations From The Middle East To Albania Selling Them To Turkey And Saudi Arabia

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

When last year reported that Muslims were kidnapping folks to sell their organs to Turkey and Saudi Arabia people accused us of passing a blood libel.

Now, it has been confirmed, this organ trafficking is not just by ISIS, but is an operation that stretches from the Muslim Middle East all the way to Muslim Albania.

Last year in December we wrote:

“ISIS is taking young Christian children, as well as Shiites and others, tearing open their bodies as they are still breathing, tear out their organs, and bringing them into Turkey and Saudi Arabia. According to one report, the “body parts aren’t just harvested from soldiers killed in combat, but from living, breathing hostages including children abducted from the Shi’ite Muslim or Christian populations in Iraq and Syria.”

And today, the Daily Mail reported that Iraq has urged the United Nations to investigate Islamic State terrorists’ bloody trade in human organs after the Iraqi ambassador said doctors are being executed for not harvesting body parts.

Iraq’s ambassador to the U.N, Mohamed Alhakim stated that dozens of bodies with surgical incisions and missing body parts have been found in shallow mass graves near ISIS stronghold Mosul over the past few weeks.

Lucrative: ISIS has set up a specialist organ-smuggling division whose sole responsibility is to sell human hearts, livers and kidneys on the lucrative international black market

Lucrative: ISIS has set up a specialist organ-smuggling division whose sole responsibility is to sell human hearts, livers and kidneys on the lucrative international black market

 Speaking of ISIS’ organ harvesting operations, Mr Alhakim said: ‘We have bodies. Come and examine them. It is clear they are missing certain parts.’

He also said a dozen doctors have been ‘executed’ in Mosul for refusing to participate in organ harvesting.

Mr Alhakim briefed the UN Security Council on the overall situation in Iraq and accused ISIS of ‘crimes of genocide’ in targeting non-Sunnis: Shiites, Yezidis and Christians.

Making them rich: Mohamed Alhakim claimed that dozens of bodies with surgical incisions and missing body parts have been found in shallow mass graves near ISIS stronghold Mosul (pictured) over the past few weeks

Last year, Iraqi ear, nose and throat doctor named Siruwan al-moduli who stated that ISIS commanders hired foreign doctors to run an extensive organ trafficking system from a hospital in Mosul that is already beginning to generate huge profits.

Militants: Each of the letters is signed with a purple stamp, indicating the province from which it was sent. They are understood to have been handed to ISIS' network of messengers and fighters

Al-Mosuli confirmed the same observations reported from Albania and Kosovo, the unusual movements within medical facilities as in Mosul, there are Arab and foreign surgeons who were hired, but were prohibited from mixing with local doctors,’ ‘Information then leaked about organ selling.’

The report went on: ‘Surgeries take place within a hospital and organs are quickly transported through networks specialized in trafficking human organs. Mosuli said that the organs come from fallen fighters who were quickly transported to the hospital, injured people who were abandoned or individuals who were kidnapped.’

Most of the organs are then smuggled out of Syria and Iraq into neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia or Turkey where criminal gangs sell them on to shady buyers across the globe, the Assyrian International News Agency reported.

Security: ISIS' horrifying trade in human organs, which was revealed by MailOnline last December, is just the latest way for the terrorist organisation to finance its activities, with other major sources of the group's $2 million-a-day income being the sale of oil, ransom payments, and smuggled antiques

And this is not only from one source. The Times of London exposed “a human trafficking network established by ISIS in Mosul, where women and children were sold for money. This also constitutes a funding source for the fighters. According to the newspaper, women and children of Yazidi, Christian and other minority backgrounds are also sold through a networking hub in Syria’s Raqqa.”

This story further substantiates what we have reported even before which we were criticized for accusing Muslims of blood libel. Last year, in November, interviewed Lazar (full name cannot be revealed for security reasons), a veteran of the Serbian Special Forces, in which he revealed how Muslims in Kosovo are kidnapping Serbian Christian men, women and children, and selling their organs to Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the same two countries that ISIS is bringing organs into as well.

Here is the interview in which he explained this to us

Many will consider it difficult to believe one man’s account. As we questioned Lazar on the issue, he sent us a video of a European documentary by Deutsche Welle which is part of Germany’s International Broadcaster   researched and confirmed how Albanian terrorists were taking organs from Christian Serbs and selling their organs:

Many people did not believe, and said that our interview with this Serbian warrior was some sort of blood libel. But now it is being reported by other reputable sources. Selling organs from Serbian Christians is true. This is a common activity amongst Islamic terrorists and this evil trade will continue.

Lazar said “They also kill people and sell their organs in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.” He then said,

They abduct people in Kosovo, Serbian people — in some cases Albanian people — and they take their organs… they torture the people and take their organs while they are still live.

He added that the victims are mostly “Christians serbs, young women, and men, and also children.”

When was the first to report on the human slaughterhouses in Syria, in which we obtained one man’s account who gave much detail on the operation regarding Christians and Shiites who were also slaughtered and mutilated. People still questioned it, until of course we obtained original source accounts with extremely troubling footage to back up one man’s testimony and it all checked out:

Even then, the major media avoided the story despite the videos that confirmed it. The world did not want to believe that we are entering an era where absolute evil manifests every sector of society. The world is plunging into utter darkness and within years, we will witness a tribulation period where Christians are beheaded and slaughtered in masse. The 21 Copts who were beheaded by ISIS is the tip of the iceberg. has been monitoring ISIS tweets, and they openly state that they plan huge massacres of Christians.

nc copy also reported on how Syrian Muslims would put their children into rape sessions for money and sell their organs

We also reported on how the Muslim jihadists in Syria take Christians, drain their blood, and sell vials of blood for $100,000 each to Saudi Arabia because the Arab Muslims have a demonic superstition that if they wash their hands with Christian blood they can obtain salvation.

So many were the comments we had to endure of name calling and blood libel accusations we had to endure. But even these are evidence of the dark world we are entering: “They are all stubbornly rebellious, going about with slanders; they are bronze and iron; all of them act corruptly.” (Jeremiah 6:28)

The “bronze” and “iron” is God’s depiction of the Greco-Roman world, which is Asia Minor, Turkey, the very nation that is purchasing these human organs.

But God’s response to who slanders us is simple:

“Whoever slanders his neighbor secretly I will destroy.” (Psalm 101:5)

The world is turning dark. When we also reported on Islamic cannibalism [see here, here, here,, here and here] and so many doubted until of course the truth came out on film when a terrorist ate a human heart and when we showed translated footage on Al-Nas TV, the major Muslim Brotherhood channel which sanctioned the practice. Who ever dreamt that one day we will have a president who would promote the Muslim Brotherhood?

We deal with rescuing Christians and being at the tip of he spear we hear of horrific stories. Folks who do not deal with evil and see it first hand have a tendency not to believe until they are in the midst of it. There is such a thing as pure evil, dark, remorseless and hideously ugly.

Turks and Albanians who are Islamists are a cruel people. How many Americans even know of the 21st Albanian Muslim Nazi SS Division Skanderbeg which played a key role in the Holocaust in exterminating the Jews. This Muslim Nazi SS Division was made up of Albanians from Albania proper and Kosovo and were the cruelest of all. Albanians murdered 7% of the Jews in Albania proper and 40% of the Jews in New Albania, or Kosovo.

That same cruelty is reviving. There was zero repentance by Turkey in its Armenian Genocide and neither did Albania ever repent from the blood of the Jews and Christians they slaughtered and the U.S. is asleep at the wheel generating more anger from the righteous who try to nudge her conscience.

Saudi Arabia truly is the Harlot of Babylon, yet still we have doubting Thomasses who think the harlot is Rome, and we ask; does the Vatican buy Christian organs or purchase literal Christian blood?

Turkey is doing the same thing. They are both under the spirit of Antichrist and will be destroyed when Christ comes. In the future Christian Russia will be at the forefront in fighting the Albanian Muslims to defend Orthodox Christians in Serbia.

Whoever though that we would be witnessing such horrifying brutality with hundreds of thousands  modern day Joseph Mengeles, Islamo-Nazis who are so sick and cruel that they see Christians as mere objects to sell and make profit from. They do not honor the human body as a creation of God, but as just a means to their ends.

We got so many curses when we wrote last year: “These Albanians, and the rest of the pagan Muslims of the Balkans, need annihilation by a righteous Christian nation. God bless the Serbs for killing these reprobates, and may God curse Clinton for bombing these righteous Christian people.”

Yet we say it again, the world says that Islam is just another religion; they fast, they pray, they sacrifice to God …

Yet God declared:

No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons. (1 Corinthians 10:20)





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