Obama Betrays The Kurds In The War Against ISIS And Plans To Have U.S. Military To Train More Jihadists

By Walid Shoebat

The United States announced on Wednesday that they selected 1200 Muslim fighters who were described as the Syrian moderate opposition to participate in a program led by the US military for training and armament in order to fight ISIS in Syria while the Kurds who are upset at the news coming from the Pentagon are learning that they were left out and that there is no plan to train them to fight ISIS.

Why would the United States be training Syrians who are more interested in ousting Bashar Al-Assad of Syria while ignoring the best fighters who thwarted ISIS in Kobani: women were able to prove to the world that ISIS was not invincible when they defeated them in Kobani.


The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon in a statement said that “the chosen fighters were subjected to a vetting process before choosing them to join the program which is expected to begin during the month of March”.

According to the Pentagon “The program aims to train 5000 Syrian fighters”, noting that “the possibility of training 3000 fighters until the end of 2015.”


In the photo above, these “moderate” FSA fighters have beards and trimmed mustaches, a clear evidence of Islamism in their blood stream. These were unable to defeat ISIS are considered more moderate and more qualified than these Kurdish women who were able to show  ISIS’s bearded Muslim males that women can defeat them?

This is supposedly a part of a training program of Syrian moderate [Muslim] opposition, according to an official statement from the Kurdish National Council for the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

Saud Al Mulla of Kurdistan’s Democratic Party in Syria is upset. He said in connection with this news on Thursday, that “the Kurdish National Council is part of the coalition, though these fighters will form the future of Syria’s army, it is the right of the Kurds to participate in the training program sponsored by the U.S.”

He noted that “the Kurdish National Council will ask the coalition to involve Kurdish fighters in response to the program”, pointing that “there is a lack of communications [from the U.S.] regarding this direction, and that in the absence of the coalition’s response, the Kurdish National Council and as part of the Syrian opposition and given that the Kurds are an essential part of Syria , they will demand the United States to be involved in the fight in response to the program directly.”

So what is on Obama’s mind? It has to do with a grand caliphate plan.

I will share it, next, so stay tuned.

Translated from Ara News / Muhammad Dilshad – Qamishlo / Mustafa Hamed Istanbul