Muslim Tries to Bomb a Mosque in Strategy to Blame Americans for Islamophobia

What would cause a Muslim to threaten to bomb a Mosque? The best available logical explanation is that with the increase in talk about hate crimes, Islamophobia and backlash, the threats were intended to paint Muslims as victims of right-wing bigots. In the case of the suspect featured in the video below, schizophrenia is being blamed.

The best evidence available suggests the suspect Azzam Ahmed Baytie a Muslim of Lebanese descent:

Azzam Ahmed Baytie

Azzam Ahmed Baytie

In the news report below from Fox Affiliate KTBC in Austin, TX one of the attendees of the Mosque made an ironically noteworthy comment that the bomb threat actually ‘draws (mosque attendees) closer to’ Allah. As for the identity of the suspect, you have to watch to the end of the video because the reporters did not reveal it:

When events like this take place, always looks at heritage. The Middle Eastern culture is full of familial and tribal affiliations. As for the Baytie name, some of them are even members of ISIS.

Back in 2012, a Muslim woman was murdered in her home and a supposed anti-Muslim bigot was responsible based on a note that was left behind. As it turned out, the woman was murdered by her Muslim husband who attempted to make it look like a hate crime, as reported.

Here was a news report from 2014 after the husband was found guilty of the murder:

Just like Christians in America are being smeared as Islamophobes, Christians in Muslim lands are suffering much worse with similar tactics. Please consider donating to Rescue Christians.

h/t BNI and Pamela Geller


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