Americans Need To Make A Choice. Is It “In Allah We Trust” Or “In God We Trust”? The Guide On How To Prevent Yourself From Being Deceived By An Antichrist Agenda Promoted By The Media And U.S. Government When It Comes To Middle East Foreign Policy That Supports The Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat

What American would have even dreamt years ago that the United States some day will elect a president who will advance an agenda to promote that “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding” while at the same time such a president is currently doing some heavy promotion to even arm “moderate Muslims” in the middle  east, specifically in Syria in partnership with Antichrist Turkey?


The eyes are the window of the soul. Should I say anymore?

But Americans need to inoculate themselves by ignoring all the government and media hype by asking: will these “moderate Muslims” ever condemn Sharia? If so, what proof can any of our government officials, even our media, both conservative and liberal, provide for such a lousy case?


It is here where they will all fail. One can say that Al-Sisi of Egypt is moderate, yet why is our government isolating him while they advance the Free Syrian Army in Syria partnering with Turkey in such an evil endeavor?

I can probably have a cup of tea with Al-Sisi, but will I be able to draw a cartoon of Muhammad in Egypt?

And while I can criticize the Muslim Brotherhood openly in Egypt will I be able to criticize the Muslim Brotherhood in the presence of Erdogan or the Free Syrian Army?

Once we examine these simple questions, fact will emerge that the term “moderate Muslim” is a U.S. mint, that is extremely rare to find. But in order to sell this rare coin the U.S. Government, including all of the major media, has always resorted to forgeries.

Today, the U.S. government, if it truly wants to be completely honest, is better off issuing coins that says: “In Allah We Trust”. 


God forbid.

Fact is, what God forbids, Allah does not and neither does the media forbid lying when they tell you that “The US has had doubts about working with any rebel groups”, Here are a few 100% proven lies:

• New York Times (5/4/13): “President [Obama] seems to be moving closer to providing lethal assistance to the Syrian rebels, even though he rejected such a policy just months ago.

• Guardian (5/8/13): “The US, which has outlawed al-Nusra as a terrorist group, has hesitated to arm the FSA [Free Syrian Army].”…

• New York Times (9/9/14): “Mr Obama has resisted military engagement in Syria for more than three years, out of fear early on that arming the rebels who oppose Mr. Assad would fail to alter the balance in the civil war.”

• BBC Today Programme (9/11/14), presenter Mishal Husein to US ambassador: “If you [the US] had helped the moderate Syrian opposition, the Free Syrian Army, three years ago, even two years ago, we might well not be in the position that we are now. President Obama’s reluctance to intervene and to take action on Syria has contributed to what we are seeing now.

The whole idea that the U.S. government “finally woke up to stop supporting Syrian insurgents” is a promoted media myth which has always mixed truth with lies. Fact is, even the very media that said “the U.S. is hesitant to arm the Free Syrian Army” disclosed that the very opposite was true.

The Guardian reported on March 8, 2013–almost two years ago: “Western training of Syrian rebels is under way in Jordan …” days later, Reuters (3/10/13) cited Der Spiegel (3/10/13), “Americans are training Syrian anti-government fighters in Jordan” NBC News‘ “US to Equip Moderate Syrian Rebels: Defense Official” (2/17/15) Reuters  had  “US to Train and Equip Moderate Syrian Rebels” (2/17/15) and “US, Turkey to Arm and Train Syrian Rebels” (2/19/15). The US hasn’t been “talking about” training “moderate” Syrian rebels for months–it’s been actually training them for years, as the Guardian and Der Spiegel revealed. CNN (1/16/15) headlined “Pentagon: US to Begin to Train and Equip Moderate Syria Rebels.”

Even the Wall Street Journal (2/17/15), writing about a decision to provide US air support to Syrian rebels, seem to contradict their own lead: “the plan comes as the US prepares to start training moderate rebels, who are waging a two-front fight against the extremists and the Syrian regime.” But in paragraph 12, the article acknowledges: “The Central Intelligence Agency began a covert program to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels in 2013, providing ammunition, small arms and antitank weapons to small groups of trusted fighters. While that program continues, some officials and administration critics say it has fallen well short of its aims.”

And now, the United States isn’t just training the Muslim rebels, it is partnering with Antichrist Turkey and they have just agreed to train and arm “moderate” Syrian rebels jointly.

Besides working with Antichrist Turkey it collaborates heavily with the first-class harlot of Babylon; Arabia (Saudi Arabia and Qatar) whom the kings of the earth, including the U.S. copulates with while she whispers in their ears insisting that “the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Syria are a group of moderate forces that represents the ambitions of the Syrian people”.

The US arming and training Syrian rebels has been a very well-documented fact for over two years.

So why are all of these professional journalists incapable of stating the most basic of facts about the US role in Syria?

Answer: there is no such thing these days as “professional journalism”. There are supposedly professional journalists who are simply cynics and agenda driven.

Who on the right mind, being an American patriot would want to join the U.S. military to end up training the very enemy we are fighting against?



The reason for all the coverup is that the U.S. knows that Americans realize that the FSA is not moderate and it does not claim to be. Most of its leaders and commanders have a strong jihadist tendency and they call their war against Damascus a holy war. FSA units and brigades carry Islamic names. Their black headbands are adorned with Koranic verses. They also launch their attacks and fire rockets to the cry of Allahu Akbar.


Free Syrian Army with their black headbands, a mark of allegiance to an Antichrist Caliphate which says: “There is not god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”

Did the world forget that before ISIS came to the scene FSA was the one that committed many horrific crimes? One of their commanders ripped out the heart of a Syrian soldier and ate it in front of a camera. He later told the BBC, “I didn’t bite into it. I just held it for show.”


A Free Syrian Army fighter biting what he believed was a human heart

In 2013 Carla Del Ponte, a UN human rights investigator, said that the FSA and other rebels had used sarin nerve agent against soldiers and civilians. According to Human Rights Watch, in one attack in 2013 Syrian rebels killed 190 unarmed civilians from an Alawite tribe in Latakia.

Even the staging game is a signature of Turkey, not Syria. While Turkey’s incursion into Syria last week was known to have been staged, the Sarin attacks were also staged by Turkey:

The FSA shares the same region with many unknown radical groups. They hang out together and regularly switch sides. In December Rudaw interviewed Rami Al-Dalati, the highest FSA military commander, who said: “The al-Nusrah Front has a different story. All members of this front are Syrians. They are to some extent popular. They have an impact and we have some coordination. We see the al-Nusrah as a Syrian front against the regime. We do not see it as a radical group.”

Two years ago, the Ahrar al-Shamal, an entire FSA brigade and 65 members of another brigade joined the Nusrah Front. Reports speak of deep infiltration of Nusrah, al-Qaeda and ISIS in FSA. They manage to get some of the funding, arms and information that FSA receives from abroad.

Apart from their war crimes, many people fallen into ISIS hands were in fact abducted in FSA-controlled areas. Kayla Mueller, the American aid worker who was killed in Raqqa earlier this month, was abducted in Aleppo and some reports say that the FSA sold her to ISIS. Theo Padnos, an American journalist who was abducted in Syria in 2012 and held for almost two years managed to escape twice, but both times the FSA caught him and handed him back to his Nusrah captors.

The only difference between FSA, ISIS and the Nusrah Front is their focus. ISIS wants an Islamic caliphate. The Nusrah Front wants an Islamic state in Syria only and the FSA wants an Islamic regime in Damascus.

tr copy

The FSA and other rebel groups are not fighting Bashar al-Assad because he is a dictator. They fight him because he is an Alawite Shiite. Out of the hundreds of FSA and rebel videos, you would never find any Free Syrian Army say that they fight for democracy, human rights and freedom. They only speak of revenge against the “Alawite dogs.”

The FSA is moderate only in its influence inside Syria, the size of its territory and the number of people it has killed. ISIS beheads its victims; FSA executes them by firing squad.

Countries that want to train and arm Syrian rebels should also keep in mind the fate of Syria’s more than four million Alawites. They are Syrians too and they have as much claim to the land as anyone else. You can’t arm a rebel group that is seething with hate and revenge against them.

And what about the Kurds, who are the most modern and secular group in Syria — and have protected Arabs, Christians, Shiites and Sunnis alike — because the focus here is to support rebels who want to topple Assad.

If Europe and the US are honestly looking for a moderate force in Syria, they should work with Assad himself. He is more moderate and secular than any rebel group.

It is more hopeful to bring democracy to Syria through Assad than through the rebels.

Fact is that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar including Obama want to remove Assad, an ally of Iran, so they claim is the reason while the U.S. thinks that Islam has become a major player in the Middle and to contain it, they need Antichrist Turkey since it offers the most preferred model of Islam, which they believe could eventually put a lid on terrorism, bringing forth an Islamic peaceful brand since Turkey is Sufi Muslim.

But where the United States fails to realize is what they are bringing forth is nothing more than Antichrist.

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