Al-Qaeda or ISIS? Gunmen kidnap 30-year old French woman on her way to work in Yemen. Awaiting ransom demand and/or video of the woman in a cage.

World Bulletin

Gunmen kidnapped a Frenchwoman and her Yemeni driver in Yemen’s capital on Tuesday morning as she was on her way to work, Yemeni security sources and French authorities said.

French Embsassy in Sanaa, Yemen

French Embsassy in Sanaa, Yemen

The unidentified gunmen intercepted the vehicle on 45th Street in central Sanaa and took the two people to an unknown location, the Yemeni sources said. They said the Frenchwoman was a consultant to Yemen’s Social Fund for Development, a state fund set up in 1997 to promote development and poverty reduction.

President Francois Hollande, at a news conference, described the abducted Frenchwoman as a 30-year-old who worked for the World Bank. “She was kidnapped in front of a ministry in Yemen,” he said. “We ask for her to be released as soon as possible, we are trying to locate her and will do all we can for her to be freed.”

Yemen has been in turmoil since Shi’ite Muslim Houthi militias seized the capital in September (with al-Qaeda militants and now ISIS competing to take it over from the Houthis). In recent years tribesmen have often taken foreigners hostage to press the government to provide them with services or to free jailed relatives.