As ISIS Commits Christian Holocaust, Democrats Asked Why Obama Won’t Use Term ‘Islamic Terrorism’ when Describing ISIS and Respond with Incoherence

Earlier this month, at a Democratic National Committee Convention, a reporter went around asking attendees why they thought Barack Obama does not use the term, ‘Islamic terrorism’ when talking about ISIS. The answers varied. Some said they didn’t know; others rationalized that Islamic terrorists are such a small minority of Muslims that identifying the terrorists as Muslim would insult peaceful Muslims.

The overriding theme, however, was complete and total incoherence. Not one individual who attempted to come up with an explanation actually presented one.

Instead, as a Christian genocide and holocaust sweeps all across the Middle East, most of these respondents came off as being more interested in defending Islam:

As for the absurd argument that radical Muslims make up an extreme minority of the overall Muslim population, have a look at this excellent video from Ben Shapiro last year. Using poll statistics, he proves that when it comes to Islam, it’s made up of a majority of radicals:

Media Research Center

Based on what you’ve seen above, political parties don’t have the interest in saving Christians from persecution. Consider donating to a group that does – Rescue Christians


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