SHARIA-COMPLIANT FACEBOOK blocks “I Am a Christian” ad for ‘offensive’ speech

Facebook has blocked an advertisement for the upcoming independent film “I am a Christian,” citing marketing rules against ads that use ‘offensive’ (in other words, pro-Christian) speech.


Washington Times  Producers of film, set to star Fox News contributor Stacey Dash and “Hercules” star Kevin Sorbo, are attempting to raise $500,000 in production costs online. The film will tell the story of Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman who refused to recant her Christian faith in the face of a death sentence, The Daily Caller reported.


The production company Christian Lives Matter, which so far has only raised $2,400 for the film, says Facebook rejected a promotional ad that asked users to proudly declare their Christian faith.

After finally being released from Sudanese prison, Meriam meets pope Francis

After finally being released from Sudanese prison, Meriam meets pope Francis

“Are you a Christian?” the ad asks. “We challenge you to change your profile picture to this ‘I Am A Christian’ photo for one week! Change your picture now, and challenge your friends to do the same. Stand up and declare Yes, I Am A Christian!!!”

One of the film’s producers told The Daily Caller in an interview that he was “shocked” to learn Facebook rejected the seemingly harmless ad.

FACEBOOK said: “Your ad wasn’t approved because it doesn’t follow Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines for language that is profane, vulgar, threatening or generates high negative feedback,” Facebook reportedly wrote to producers of the film. “Ads can’t use language that insults, harasses or demeans people, or addresses their age, gender, name, race, physical condition or sexual preference.” (Yes, we can’t demean people – Muslims – who execute people for being Christians, now, can we?)