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Hindus Break Into Christian School, One Of Them Takes A Catholic Nun And Rapes Her So Brutally That She Ends Up In The Hospital

By Theodore Shoebat  A mob of Hindus broke into a convent school and began to vandalize it. One of the Hindu savages then took a Catholic nun and brutally raped her, and she had to go to the hospital. According to one report: A nun in her seventies was raped in the early hours of […]

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CIA Director John Brennan says ISIS Islamic jihadists aren’t Muslims, they are “psychopathic thugs”

Call them psychopathic thugs or murderers, but don’t call the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ‘Muslims.’ CIA Director John Brennan (photo right), reportedly a convert to Islam himself, at an event Friday warned against ascribing ‘Islamic legitimacy’ to the overseas terrorist group, saying that allowing them to identify themselves with Islam does a […]

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Muslim Attacks Two Churches Killing And Horrifically Wounding Eighty Five Christians. He Attacks A Poor Eight Year Old Christian Boy, And Slaughters Him In Cold Blood. The Christians Take The Muslim Terrorist And Light Him On Fire

By Theodore Shoebat In Pakistan, in the city of Lahore, Muslims put two bombs in two different churches and as the Christians were worshipping God, they ignited the bombs almost at the same time, slaughtering and horrifically wounding eighty five people. Seventy were amongst the injured while 15 were killed. Among those killed was a […]

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Breaking News: Deadly Attack on Two Churches killing at least Ten People

Initial Report from the BBC Two bomb blasts have killed at least 10 people near two churches in a Christian neighbourhood of the Pakistani city of Lahore, local officials say. At least 50 people were reportedly hurt in the explosions at the Catholic church and Christ Church in the city’s Youhanabad area. Violent protests erupted […]

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