Archive | March 14, 2015

NEWLY RELEASED VIDEO: ISIS Takes Nine Innocent People And Executes Every One Of Them In Cold Blood

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS just took nine innocent people and executed all of them in cold blood. This just shows how demonic and satanic these people are. These people are absolute satan worshippers. Here is the video: According to one report: (Thanks for Right Scoop) ISIS has executed another nine men for allegedly being spies […]

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Hundreds Of Christians Flee Pakistan Where They Are Getting Enslaved, Raped, And Burned Alive, And Go To Thailand. Now Thailand Is Arresting Hundreds Of Christians And Could Send Them Back To Pakistan

By Theodore Shoebat Hundreds of Christians in Pakistan have fled their country where are being murdered, enslaved, raped, and burned alive, and are going to Thailand. Now the Thai government has arrested hundreds of Christians and could send them back to their despotic country of Pakistan. Amazingly the British government has received Pakistani Muslims by […]

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