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CIA Today Said That: “Iran Would Build A Nuclear Bomb”. It Is Time To Learn About The Sunni Shiite Divide And How This Leads To Armageddon

By Walid Shoebat “Iran would build a nuclear bomb at their own peril” CIA Director John Brennan said Sunday. It all hinges on the nuclear talks, if they falter, Brennan believes that Iran will get nukes. So, the United States and several other countries are working supersonically to finalize a pact with the devil dreaming it would temporarily […]

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ISIS Just Destroyed A Christian Church That Is 1600 Years Old

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS just destroyed a 1600 year old church, called the Mar Behnam and Mart Sarah monastery. I did a whole video on this: Here is a photo of the monastery being blown up by ISIS: According to the report: Islamic State militants have reportedly blown up a fourth-century monastery near Qaraqosh, according […]

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Muslims Take Seventy Innocent People And Murder All Of Them In A Mass Execution

By Theodore Shoebat When soldiers arrived at the village of Damasak in Nigeria they did not expect to see what horrors awaited them: a pile of bodies, all victims of a mass execution done by Boko Haram. The soldiers said that the body count was at least 100, but a witness counted 70. Either way, […]

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Muslims Take A Young Christian Man, Throw Him Into A Flaming Hot Furnace And Cook Him Alive

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim mob in Pakistan seized a young Christian man named Sunny Masih and through him into a flaming hot oven and cooked him alive. Miraculously he survived the attack and our team in Pakistan is providing him and his family support, thanks to your generous donations. Our Pakistani contact provided us […]

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Iran Is Now Invading Iraq And Defeating ISIS, But The Iranians Are Going To Be More Brutal And Cruel Than ISIS Ever Was, And Obama Is Backing Them Up

By Theodore Shoebat When ISIS invaded much of Iraq and unleashed their reign of terror over Christians, Shiites and Yazidis, the western world was terrified at such violence. Beheadings, crucifixions, horrific immolations, all of this scared and disturbed. Now Iranian Shiite militias are invading Iraq and explosively vanquishing ISIS and retaking the lands that they […]

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Pope Francis Excommunicates Conservative Bishop, While He Tolerates Evil Priests Who Advance The Homosexual Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat There was once a time when the Catholic Church was filled with justice, when it drove out heretics and uprooted all that was contrary to true doctrine and orthodoxy. Now it has become almost like a club, where sodomite priests run rampant and advance the most demonic homosexual agenda. While Pope Francis […]

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