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Israel’s Elections: With 90% Of Votes Counted, Netanyahu’s Likud Wins By A Landslide

With special thanks to The Right Scoop All of the polling and exit poll data have showed a very close race between Netanyahu’s Likud party and Herzog’s Zionist Union party. It’s been said that it’s too close to call all night based on exit polling data, that it is neck and neck. Most Israeli outlets […]

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An Israeli Arab Tells Netanyahu Haters “Screw You. I Love Netanyahu And Vote For Him”

By Walid Shoebat Netanyahu said today that the right-wing was in danger because the leftists in Israel were bussing in Arab voters in droves. CNN host Erin Burnett said this comment was pretty disturbing, comparing it to an American politician saying that about black voters, and asked Huckabee if it was a racist thing to […]

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Bibi Netanyahu Won While The Obama Administration’ Scandals Backfired. Obama The Haman Lost. Yahweh Is Great.

Caroline Glick was on the Mark Levin Show tonight explaining that Bibi Netanyahu really did win the election today in Israel and that he will be the only one who can form a coalition to run the Knesset. She also talks about how the Obama Administration used big money to bring out the Arab vote but […]

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Christians In Pakistan Get Sick And Tired Of Being Persecuted Without Justice, And Now They Are Taking The Streets By The THOUSANDS, Blocking The Roads, And Fighting Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Pakistan have been being persecuted in Pakistan for so many years, while being almost completely ignored by the government. The government of Pakistan looks the other way as Muslims enslave, rape, assault, and murder Christians. And now the Christians of Pakistan have had enough. After Muslim terrorists blew up two […]

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ISIS Enters Major Christian Church And Destroy The Statues Of The Virgin Mary And The Baby Jesus, And Rip Off The Crosses, Since They Believe That They Are Idols

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS entered a major Christian church in Iraq, called the St. George Monastery, and destroyed the statues of the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus. They also took out the crosses and defaced a beautiful statue of St. George destroying the dragon. They took out one of the crosses from the top […]

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Just In: First report from our new partners working on the ground in the Kurdistan province of Iraq to save the Christians of Iraq

The Stories of heartbreak from our eyewitness partners who are experienced medics, warriors and rescuers. You our readers and donors have provided us the ability now to provide rescue missions right on the ground in Kurdistan. We are sending more people specially skilled in intel which will allow us find girls who need rescuing. Our […]

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Bibi Netanyahu Declares “Against All Odd, A Great Victory For The Likud And A Major Victory For The People Of Israel”

Against all odd, Netanyahu on his twitter declares: “Against All Odd, A Great Victory For The Likud And A Major Victory For The People Of Israel” Earlier the media circulated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and his chief challenger, Isaac Herzog of the center-left Zionist Union, appeared to win about the same number […]

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God’s In Control Over America And A Revolution Has Taken Place In The U.S. Towards Syria. The US Has Signaled That It Is Changing Its Policy Toward Syrian President Bashar Assad

By Walid Shoebat When it comes to U.S. Policy, we always forget that the most important factor in the unfolding events in the Middle East is GOD and He is in control. And this week, a revolution has taken place. The US has signaled that it is changing its policy toward Syrian President Bashar Assad. It began […]

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The New York Time Says “We’re letting Iran and ISIS carve up Iraq”. But The Question Is: Why Doesn’t The Media Acknowledge This Was All Predicted In The Bible?

By Walid Shoebat I wonder at times, will the media ever admit that when it comes to the Middle East, will they ever acknowledge that their headlines many times has already been etched in the Bible? “We’re letting Iran and ISIS carve up Iraq” is a New York Times piece written by Amir Taheri, a capable […]

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