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Saudi Arabia’s Attempt To Create A Sunni Alliance Against Iran Will Fail And Mecca The Pride Of The Muslims Will Be Destroyed By The Muslims Themselves!

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) In the Middle East, everything could turn on a dime. Who would have imagined that powers such as Turkey and Iran, which both recognized Israel soon after it declared independence in 1948 would become now two of its arch enemies, while Arab states who were Israel’s arch  enemies have come to realize that Israel […]

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Major University In Michigan Tells Left-Wing God-Hating Students: No, You Cannot Give Cakes To Homosexuals And Promote Your Disgusting Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat A group of left-wing, God-hating students have been forbidden by Andrews University in Michigan to pass out cakes to homosexuals. The homosexuals are said to be “homeless LGBT,” but why aren’t these deviants giving cakes to all homeless people, why just “lgbt homeless” people. According to one report: A Christian university in […]

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Muslims Kidnap Woman Who Is Seven Months Pregnant And Rape Her

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim human traffickers from Somalia kidnapped a woman who was seven months pregnant and raped her as they were traveling from Somalia to Libya. According to Ismail, a Somali man who was traveling with the traffickers with the intent of escaping Somalia, witnessed the horrifying event: In the desert the traffickers took […]

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ISIS Takes Eleven Innocent Guards, And Slaughters All Of Them In Intense Hostage Takeover Of Oil Field

By Theodore Shoebat In an intense hostage takeover of an oil field in Libya, ISIS took eleven innocent guards and slaughtered all of the, and in the same horrific attack they took nine hostages. In the recent report: Nine foreign workers are feared to have been taken hostage by the Islamic militant group Isis after […]

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Pope Francis Makes This Prayer To God: If The Muslims Kill Me, Please Let It Be A Quick And Clean Death

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis was recently asked by Father Jose Maria “Pepe” di Paola of the Argentinian news outlet, La Carcova, about “fanatics who want to kill you”, that is, on the death threats made by ISIS towards him, and he responded that he told God that if ISIS does kill him, to please […]

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While Obama Makes Deals With The Islamic Government Of Iran, He Is Doing Absolutely Nothing For All Of The Christians Iran Is persecuting Right Now

By Theodore Shoebat While Obama is making deals with Iran on the use of nuclear energy, he is not at all mentioning the persecuted Christians as leverage against the Iranians. Persecution against Christians in Iran is at an all time high right now, and not a word from Obama on this. According to a report […]

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