Archive | March 31, 2015

SHOCKING AND AMAZING: Erdogan Has Now Declared Himself To Be GOD

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Erdogan proclaimed himself God. You heard it correctly. But before I break it to you, I was asked yesterday by a friend (Vinny Zee) if Erdogan ever declared himself to be God, that my article yesterday Vinny alluded that if others calling Erdogan “God” and “prophet,” does not qualify, since in 2 Thessalonians […]

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Muslims Make Major Massacre, Take Thirty Innocent People, Burn Them To Death And Stab Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Syria, all members of ISIS, attacked he al-Mab’oucja village in which they slaughtered at least thirty people, burning them to death, and stabbing them to death as well. According to one Syrian report: At least 30 citizens from the Sunni, Alawite, and Ismaili sects were killed by shooting, burning and […]

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