Another California Muslim chases terrified Christian neighbor with sword yelling: “I would die and kill for Allah!”

By BI: San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department officials arrested a man believed to be a radicalized religious Muslim after he allegedly chased and threatened to kill a Christian neighbor with a sword Monday.


Victorville Daily Press   Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi, 57, of Victorville, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder early Tuesday, sheriff’s Sgt. Dave Burgess told the Daily Press, and deputies found evidence at Elrawi’s apartment that suggested he may have been a radicalized Muslim.

Authorities responded to a call of a subject brandishing a weapon in the 14000 block of La Paz Drive at 5:09 p.m. Monday. Elrawi had gotten into a dispute with the victim, believed to be a neighbor, and allegedly began to chase the victim with a sword and threatened to kill him, authorities said. Elrawi said he would “Die and kill for Allah” before he fled, Burgess said.


The victim was able to escape unharmed, Burgess said, and a search warrant was served at Elrawi’s apartment nearby. “A Quran and other items were located inside the suspect’s residence, leading investigators to believe Elrawi may have been a radicalized Muslim,” Burgess said. The Sheriff’s Department Intelligence Division was notified.

Mark Tashamneh, 50, of Victorville, is a resident at the apartment complex who told the Daily Press he was a Christian born and raised in Jordan. Tashamneh came to the United States in 2001 and said he knew Elrawi and that he was a mechanic he had worked with a couple of times.

Tashamneh said he heard a commotion occurring outside of his apartment Monday night and when he opened his apartment door he saw Elrawi threatening neighbors. Later that night, Tashamneh said he also witnessed authorities taking Elrawi into custody. He said Elrawi threatened him in Arabic, saying he was going to kill Tashamneh when he got out of jail.