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Major Judge Of The US Government Refuses To Make An Oath On The Bible And Instead Swears Upon The Koran

By Theodore Shoebat A major judge in New York refused to make an oath on the Bible, and made an oath over the Koran instead. Here is the video with my commentary:   CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR RESCUE TEAM THAT WILL […]

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Time For A Wakeup Call: The War Scenario Between Russia And Turkey In Syria Is The Prelude To The War Of Gog And Magog

By Walid Shoebat The Russian-Turkish conflict in Syria is not going to be an easy one for either party. Russia wants to punish Turkey for its menace in Syria. So Russia threatens to cripple Turkey by cutting-off the gas supplies. But this will also hurt Russia’s economy. Muslim Azerbaijan will gladly provide Turkey with a new gas-hookup and  this […]

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MISSOURI TERROR ALERT? Several Propane tanks stolen following bulk cell phone purchases at several Walmarts by Middle Eastern men

By BI: Is more Islamic terrorism brewing in America’s heartland? It began late last week when ‘Middle Eastern men’ reportedly  depleted the stock in pre-paid cell phones at two Missouri Walmart locations, alerting local law enforcement and FBI officials. BizPAC REVIEW  Sixty were purchased Saturday in Lebanon, Missouri at 3:50 am, and hours before, at another Walmart store in Columbia […]

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‘CALIPHORNIA’ Muslims upset at Democrat Representative Loretta Sanchez for stating some politically incorrect facts about a significant percentage of Muslims

By BI: The Democrat congresswoman appeared on PoliticKING with Larry King and stated that as many as 20% of Muslims want an Islamic Caliphate (as ISIS does) and are willing to use terrorism to establish it. OC Weekly  SANCHEZ SAID: “We know that there is a group, and we don’t know how big that is—it can be anywhere between 5 – […]

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DHS official unable to answer these questions: How many Syrian refugees have entered the US? How many Americans have travelled to and/or from Syria? How many Americans currently are on NO FLY list?

By BI: Her non-answers are explained when she proclaims: “I am a Department of Homeland Security career civil servant employee.” And your tax dollars, Americans, are paying her salary.

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ATLANTA school defends teacher who asked a a Somali Muslim student if she had a bomb in her backpack

By BI: The father of an eighth-grade Muslim student at Shiloh Middle School in Gwinnett County is angry after an incident in which a teacher asked his daughter if she was carrying a bomb in her backpack. AJC  Sloan Roach, spokeswoman, for Gwinnett County Public Schools, confirmed the incident happened. “The remark was not appropriate, but based […]

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Facebook post attributed to ACLU leader says “Donald Trump voters should be shot”

By BI: He tried to deny the post was his, but nobody is buying it. Wirbel told KRDO-TV the post isn’t his. “It’s very clear that wasn’t my belief, that we shouldn’t do that type of thing. The Blaze Wirbel continues, “That was all put together with comments from a bunch of different threads and presented as one unified whole […]

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TEXAS Imam forced to resign after agreeing with Donald Trump’s temporary ban on Muslim immigration

By BI: Dr. Al Sayyed told KFDM News he was forced to resign as religious director of the Islamic Society of the Triplex after making comments Monday in which he agrees with Donald Trump’s statements that the U.S. should temporarily stop accepting any new Muslim immigrants into the country. (If he were in a Muslim country, he could […]

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“We have received nearly ZERO help with counter-terrorism issues from the Muslim community since 9/11”

By BI: According to John Guandolo, former FBI counter-terrorism special agent, not only do major Islamic organizations and Muslim leaders in America NOT provide any significant help in rooting out Islamic terrorism, they have “condemned” all of the government’s counter-terrorism policies and forced the elimination or modification of many programs, on the basis that Muslims found […]

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WHAT IF THEY WERE MUSLIMS? SEVEN suspected arson fires of Jewish homes in Forest Hills, NY, but police refuse to call them possible terrorist-related incidents or hate crimes

By BI: The fact largely overlooked by most mainstream news coverage: All the buildings set ablaze since Nov. 8th belonged to Bukharian Jews. Imagine the screaming and yelling and calls for federal investigations if all the suspected arsons were on Muslim homes. Jewish Week  Seven fires have ravaged buildings in the residential neighborhood of Forest Hills in […]

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