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Russia Will Invade The Islamic World And Will Destroy One Third Of the Islamic Population In Turkey, And Then One Third Of The Muslims In Turkey Will Reject Islam And Convert To Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat Russia will invade the Islamic world, when it takes over Turkey and retakes the Hagia Sophia Church, and will destroy one third of the Islamic population in Turkey. After this, one third of the Muslims on in Turkey will reject Islam and convert to Christianity. This is the prophecy of the Elder […]

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The Second Most Powerful Man On Earth, Tsar Putin The Great Endorses The Arising Most Powerful Man To Be On Earth: Sir Donald Trump The Great. Both Will Roast Turkey And The Earth Will Rejoice For Thanksgiving 

By Walid Shoebat With such a provocative title, perhaps I am a bit over the top. Being from the Middle East, we are a bit extremists and I admit, for me and my house, we are all Trumpoholics.  Now Putin of Russia declared he too is Tumpoholic and says that Trump wants “closer, deeper relations with Russia”. He too hopes […]

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Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: Proof the CIA Helped Create ISIS

Shaykh Al-Sulayman, who worked with the CIA to create ISIS Truth is stranger than fiction, and at last an open source link has been established that the CIA had a direct invovlement in the creation of ISIS. Via Zero Hedge: Thanks to the resurrection of “J Pierpont Morgan”, these doubts and questions are no longer […]

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All Of The Candidates Except For Donald Trump Hate Christianity And Are Enemies Of Christ

By Theodore Shoebat All of the candidates except for Donald Trump hate Christianity and are enemies of the Faith. I explain why in my very detailed commentary on the most recent Republican debate:   CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR RESCUE TEAM THAT […]

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