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Pagans Attack Old Christian Man And His Grandson, Tie Them Up And Slit Their Throats In Cold Blood

By Theodore Shoebat A pagan criminal in Mexico, named Juan Carlos Solorio Torres (AKA Italiko), murdered two Christians in the state of Michoacan, tying them up and slitting their throats. Photos have been presented to the public by Por un Michoacan Libre SDR, an anti-narco page dedicated to fighting the cartels: I did a whole […]

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MAJOR MASSACRE, Muslims Just Slaughtered Eighty People In Brutal Slaughter Of Innocent Lives

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria, all members of Boko Haram, slaughtered eighty people. This massacre just happened after the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari sad that his army had “technically won the war.” According to one report: Nigerian terror group Boko Haram has slaughtered at least 80 people in a series of attacks on […]

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The Government Of Iran Arrests Nine Christians For Worshipping Christ

By Theodore Shoebat  The government of Iran just arrested nine Christians for worshipping Christ in a Christmas celebration. According to a report: The government of Iran reportedly arrested a group of nine Christians on Christmas Day for celebrating their faith at an in-house church in the city of Shiraz. “There has been a steady deterioration […]

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Pagans Slaughter Thirteen People In Less Than A Day, They Stab People To Death, Shoot Them, Dismember And Behead Them

By Theodore Shoebat  Criminals in Mexico — who are really just heathen pagans without any concept of Christianity — killed 13 people in less than a day in the state of Guerrero, which only reflects the escalating severity of violence in the country. The massacre happened just this Sunday. According to local authorities, one of […]

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Major Cult Leader Tells One Of His Followers That He Cannot Come To His Sermon, The Follower Pours Kerosene On Himself And Lights Himself On Fire

By Theodore Shoebat A cult leader in Kenya told one of his followers that he will not attend a sermon conference “crusade,” and so the follower — filled with cultish delirium — lit himself on fire. Here is the report: A pastor set himself on fire in his Nairobi house on Tuesday upon learning he […]

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British Establishment Loves or Fears Muslims/Islam, but the Jews are still Fair Game

What’s shocking is not that people think this way, it’s that in today’s Britain they not only have no trouble expressing themselves, the BBC (the ultimate part of the British elitist establishment) has no trouble devoting large amounts of air time to this. And their presenter are completely incapable of answering these charges. Jonathan Sacerdoti […]

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