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Muslims Take Man And Force His Own Parents To Watch Them Behead Their Son

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims brutally beheaded a man and forced his own parents to watch their son’s decapitation. According to the report: Extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) beheaded on Saturday a Syrian teenager in the northern city of Jarablus after accusing him of apostasy. The 14-year-old boy was arrested by ISIS militants for […]

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Three Hindus Capture Young Girl And Gang Rape Her, They Mutilate Her Face, Her Chest And Her Vagina And Brutally Slaughter Her

By Theodore Shoebat Three Hindus in India brutally raped a young girl and brutally mutilated her face, chest and vagina and murdered her. According to one report: A fourth standard student was brutally killed after reportedly being gang-raped by three drunk youths in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district, about 250 km from here. The police on […]

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Two Men In Oklahoma Take Hold Of Woman, One Rapes Her And The Other Films It As The Woman Screams For Mercy

  By Theodore Shoebat Two men in Oklahoma, Erlin Arteaga and Cenin Cruz, took ahold of a woman. Arteaga raped her while Cruz filmed the evil act as the woman screamed for mercy and help. Such demonic savages! According to one report from Tulsa: Two men were arrested Friday on suspicion of raping a woman […]

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IRAN: Muslims inject acid into stray dogs causing a slow, agonizing death (Viewer Discretion Advised)

By BI: The dogs and puppies scream in excruciating pain as their internal organs and tissues are chemically burned with the acid. OSNews The following is a video that shows the way Iranian authorities are getting rid of stray dogs.  Instead of using a lethal method that will at least be humane, they choose the least expensive poison – […]

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Three Hindus Kidnap Young Girl As She Is Walking Home From School, And Take Turns Raping Her, They Then Brutally Slaughter Her. Her Body Is Later Found On A Pool Of Blood

By Theodore Shoebat Three Hindus in India raped and murdered a young woman as she was walking home, and her body was later found lying on a pool of blood. According to one report: Three men were sentenced to death Saturday by an Indian court for the gang-rape and murder of a student, in a […]

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Thinking of going to Paris anytime soon? Proceed with caution.

By BI: You never know when a neighborhood in Paris is going to turn into a war zone. These images are never shown on American TV, and for the most part, are censored on French  and European TV. But thanks to alternative media, they always manage to surface in one form or another. Scenes like […]

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Muslims Enter Christian Neighborhood And Butcher Twenty Six People In Major Massacre

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria entered a predominantly Christian community and slaughtered twenty six people in a major massacre. According to one report: Suicide attacks on two predominantly Christian communities in northeast Nigeria this week left at least 26 persons dead and dozens of others injured, sources said. At noon today a suicide bomber […]

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MUST SEE! Gutsy German woman beats the crap out of Muslim who is harassing women in the street

By BI: In the face of rampant rapes and sexual attacks by Muslim migrants and their collaborators, German women start taking the law into their own hands in their defense as police are reluctant to arrest Muslims, by order of the Merkel government.

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The Antichrist Tells Persecuted Christians That By 2023 They Must All Must Leave Muslim Lands To Set Up The Abomination Of Desolation

By Walid Shoebat The Armenians, Syriacs, and Chaldean Christians received residency in Turkey where the must leave by 2023 when Turkey will be in full Ottoman glory having brought in the full fledged Caliphate to rule the entire region. The Christian population of Turkey is evaporating rapidly. A century ago, Turkey’s population had 20% Christian and today the population dwindled to only 0.2%. […]

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GERMAN-born Iranian Muslim kills 20-year-old German woman by pushing her into the path of an oncoming subway train

By BI: German police say a 20-year-old woman has died after being pushed in front of a Berlin subway train by an apparent stranger. The 28-year-old Iranian Muslim has been arrested on suspicion of homicide. The shocking incident took place when the young woman was standing on the platform waiting for her train and she was pushed […]

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MARYLAND High School punishes Christian student for refusing to profess her faith in Islam, threatens to arrest her father for making a stink about it

By BI: A public high school has been accused of radical Islamic indoctrination by forcing non-Muslim children to profess the Muslim statement of faith (the same statement used to convert people to Islam), ordering them to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and teaching that the faith of a Muslim is stronger than the average Christian, […]

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Pagans Attack Poor Family, They Murder The Father And Then The Mother, And Then They Murder Their Seven Month Old Child In Cold Blood

Theodore Shoebat Heathen criminals attacked a poor family in Oaxaca, Mexico. They murdered the father, the mother and their 7 month old child. The name of the father was Juan Alberto Pano Ramos, 24 years old; the mother was Isabel Alba Colon, 17;  and Marcos Miguel Pano Colón, only seven months.     We at Rescue Christians have […]

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The Government Of Sweden Will Be Departing 80,000 Muslims, And Now Finland Is Going To Be Departing 20,000 Muslim Refugees

By Theodore Shoebat Both the governments of Sweden and Finland will be deporting tens of thousands of Islamic refugees, with the Swedes driving out 80,000 and the Fins 20,000. According to a report: One day after Sweden disclosed plans to deport up to 80,000 migrants, a senior official said Finland expects to expel nearly 20,000 […]

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Look what happens when fed-up Swedes give an affluent Swedish community a taste of the kind of ‘Muslim multiculturalism’ they otherwise would never see

By BI: Ordinary Swedes drive a van into an affluent neighborhood and blast the loud and offensive Muslim Call to Prayer at 6:00 AM, forcing the rich to be confronted with one of the horrors of mass Muslim migration that hard-working Swedish citizens have to endure. These are the wealthy Swedes who voted for politicians that […]

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TENNESSEE: New Legislation being introduced will shut down rampant Islamic indoctrination of non-Muslim students in American public schools

By BI: A bill has been introduced in the Tennessee Legislature which will end indoctrination of non-Muslim students with Islam in public school classrooms. Not widely known, ‘Common Core’ programs, funded by the oil-rich Arab state of Qatar, put great emphasis on teaching about Islam while ignoring all the other religions. House Bill 1418 provides that […]

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