Archive | December 20, 2015

ISRAEL: Orthodox Rabbis issue groundbreaking declaration affirming “partnership” with Christianity

By BI:  A group of prominent Orthodox rabbis in Israel, the United States and Europe have issued a historic public statement affirming that Christianity is “the willed divine outcome and gift to the nations” and urging Jews and Christians to “work together as partners to address the moral challenges of our era.” Breitbart  “Jesus brought a double […]

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PENNSYLVANIA: More parental outrage over public school assignment that asks students to make a video about the prophet Muhammad and Islam

By BI: Penns Valley Area seventh-grade students in teacher Mike Durn’s (photo below) history class were asked to do a video project about Muhammad and the Islamic religion. Depicting the prophet Muhammad in a manner like this would get you beheaded in many Muslim countries, even today. I wonder if students will be allowed to include […]

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Group seeking to ‘Ban Islam in America’ wants Florida Muslim Deputy Sheriff, Nezar Hamze, fired

By BI: Surprisingly, the man in charge of this anti-Islam group is a Florida Jewish man! (Florida is famous as the preferred retirement destination for far left New York Jews) In case you are unaware, Nezar Hamze was a designated terrorist group CAIR executive director who became a Deputy Sheriff in Florida after he was humiliated […]

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What you probably didn’t hear about the Arabic welcome song Canadian schoolchildren were forced to sing to incoming Syrian Muslim ‘refugees’

By BI: A video shows Canadian children singing a song which celebrates Muhammad’s arrival in Medina after he forced Christians to convert to Islam and beheaded those who refused.  Infowars  The video clip was posted on YouTube one day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne personally welcomed 163 Syrian refugees into the […]

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“WISH YOU WERE HERE, SUCKERS!” British taxpayers fund £100,000 (USD $149,000) jaunts to theme parks, zoos, and week-long adventure holidays for ‘Syrian Muslim’ migrants

By BI: Where are all the Syrians? Do you see any in the photos here? Newly-arrived Muslim freeloaders are being taken on ‘jollies’ paid for by £100,000 of public money to zoos, theme parks and even the beach in an attempt to help them ‘integrate’ into British life, it has emerged. Since 2009, a refugee support group has […]

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EGYPT: What happens when a Muslim grandfather savagely rapes his own two-year-old granddaughter?

By BI: The mother of the child kills her for disgracing the family ‘honor.’ A Muslim mother awoke one night to her screaming toddler being brutally raped by the child’s grandfather. In a sickening effort to preserve the family honor, the mother decided that there was only one thing to do that would save them from scandal […]

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