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In Their Hatred For Christmas Muslims Kidnap Seven Christians And Then Brutally Murder Them All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in the Philippines kidnapped seven Christians and then brutally murdered them all. When the police tried to recover the bodies, the Muslims opened fire on the officers. Remember this Christmas, these martyrs, killed and reborn on the day when Christ was born. According to the report: Seven Christian farmers were killed […]

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Shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR,” in a French movie theater causes a virtual stampede of terrified movie goers

By BI: On Sunday 20th, at Docks 76, in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), a man shouted “Allahu Akbar” and set off a mass panic, causing the audience to flee  the theater, which spread to the shopping center, where others started running for their lives with the  panicked movie goers. Ouest-France  Calm returned after a few minutes following the intervention […]

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EU ADVISOR comes up with a shocking way to stop the human trafficking of Muslim migrants into Europe

By BI: Effectively admitting defeat in their battle against the Muslim people smugglers, Brussels bureaucrats were told that the only way to stop the criminal gangs is to open the floodgates to an unlimited number of Muslims. In other words, LET EVERYONE IN! UK Express  In a stunning admission of incompetence Brussels pen-pushers said opportunistic rabbles of migrant […]

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The Ottomans Are Collaborating With One Harlot Named Qatar For A Sinister Plan

By Walid Shoebat Looking after you, even on Christmas, we should be diligent and awake at all times. From Turkey Post the evil Turks are planning some sinister schemes: “The establishment of the first Turkish military base outside the country, specifically in Qatar days ago.  Does this establish a new gateway in the Turkish-Qatari relations in particular? […]

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At the height of the hectic Christmas shopping season in NYC, Muslim supremacists prostrate themselves in the middle of the street to pray to allah for the death of Donald Trump

By BI: Unconcerned about blocking heavy Christmas traffic on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, filthy Muslim supremacists spread out their filthy rugs, get down on their hands and knees to pray outside Trump Tower as protesters denounce what they call a ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ Republican candidate, Donald Trump. (What ‘race’ is Islam? What political system is more ‘fascist’ than […]

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HOUSE DEMOCRATS introduce ‘Anti-Muslim Bigotry’ legislation designed to shut down free speech

By BI: Be sure to read the comments below the article. You’ll notice that only Muslims are  supporting this effort to destroy the First Amendment. Just goes to show: Bomb America and the Democrats will circle the wagons to protect the enemy. Following weeks of (so-called) anti-Muslim bigotry and (alleged) acts of hatred (following several Muslim terrorist attacks in the West), Reps. […]

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SWEDENSTAN: Muslim mobs roam the streets of Stockholm, beating up Swedish men for no apparent reason

By BI: The savage unprovoked attack happened in Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm because the two Swedes told the Muslims to stop vandalizing the flowerpots. Time for the Swedes to start arming themselves. Muslims rarely ever attack innocent people one-on-one. Instead they travel in packs so they can easily attack and often rob people with little or no resistance.

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BOMBSHELL: Muslim Terrorists, Alongside Other Evil Cults Declared War On Christmas But The Brave Christian Warriors Today Defeated Them All By Lifting Up The Christmas Tree

By Walid Shoebat How many even realize that the war on Christmas is a Muslim war where Muslims use all sorts of forces to declare war on Christmas? Today in America many forces are working towards the state atheism as it was in the Soviet Union where Christmas was banned and Muslims are no different. Even stranger are the ones who […]

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