MISSOURI TERROR ALERT? Several Propane tanks stolen following bulk cell phone purchases at several Walmarts by Middle Eastern men

By BI: Is more Islamic terrorism brewing in America’s heartland? It began late last week when ‘Middle Eastern men’ reportedly  depleted the stock in pre-paid cell phones at two Missouri Walmart locations, alerting local law enforcement and FBI officials.


BizPAC REVIEW  Sixty were purchased Saturday in Lebanon, Missouri at 3:50 am, and hours before, at another Walmart store in Columbia about 100 miles away, another 40 were sold.

This week, a third Walmart location in Macon, Missouri, reported a suspicious cell phone sale, and Thursday, a fourth location in Jefferson City reported a similar bulk purchase.


Jefferson county police, a neighboring county to the three counties where these separate purchases were made, just announced that on Thursday, they received a call about Muslim men trying to make a large cellphone purchase in their area store, along with another one right by them in Cape Girardeau, KFOR reported.

Fox 4 KC reported Thursday that dozens of propane tanks were stolen from three different Kansas City, Missouri locations.


At the end of November, a BP gas station in Lee`s Summit reported 18-20 propane tanks stolen from the outside cages. That same night the CVS on Southwest 3rd Street reported the exact same crime.

Two weeks later, the CVS on East 23rd Street in Independence was hit, and 28 tanks were stolen from that location. Sources within law enforcement say they received an urgent safety email about the propane thefts.


Mad World News reports that Middle Eastern men were buying untraceable cell phones by the dozen across Missouri late at night, and they didn’t appear to have any good reason to do so. Four different locations had the same thing happen – a couple of men would go into the store early in the morning and purchase the phones in bulk.

So, from Thursday to early Saturday morning, these men were going from store to store buying up throwaway cellphones and have now amassed a stock of at least 200 phones. Employees in each store reported it, but cops allegedly only stopped them at what was these guys’ last known Walmart destination, but released them within minutes.


FBI investigating suspicious bulk cell phone purchases by Middle Eastern looking men.