EU ADVISOR comes up with a shocking way to stop the human trafficking of Muslim migrants into Europe

By BI: Effectively admitting defeat in their battle against the Muslim people smugglers, Brussels bureaucrats were told that the only way to stop the criminal gangs is to open the floodgates to an unlimited number of Muslims. In other words, LET EVERYONE IN!


UK Express  In a stunning admission of incompetence Brussels pen-pushers said opportunistic rabbles of migrant traffickers operating out of Middle Eastern hideouts have outwitted their own £200,000-a-year borders boss.

They also risked angering citizens of nations across Europe by revealing that border officials “haven’t been looking very hard” to close down new routes which criminal gangs could use to smuggle migrants into the continent.PicforLV9Sep15vi-vi-2-e1450757432166Critics said the shocking admissions prove the EU is “one step behind” the migrant smugglers despite employing some of the best paid security experts in the world.They were made by senior security analyst Roderick Parkes, who told a stunned meeting of the EU parliament’s Security and Defence sub-committee that the only way to tackle people smuggling was for Europe to more openly welcome in migrants.


He told MEPs that the only way to reduce demand for people traffickers is to make sure migrants arriving in Greece and Italy “trust” the authorities to “get them to the right member state”.

Such a policy would raise the possibility of wealthy northern European countries including Germany, France and Holland being forced to take in the lion’s share of the new arrivals. 

ISIS jihadist in Syria 2013…………..Same Syrian ‘refujihadist in Germany 2015

ISIS jihadist in Syria 2013…………..Same Syrian ‘refujihadist in Germany 2015