HOUSE DEMOCRATS introduce ‘Anti-Muslim Bigotry’ legislation designed to shut down free speech

By BI: Be sure to read the comments below the article. You’ll notice that only Muslims are  supporting this effort to destroy the First Amendment. Just goes to show: Bomb America and the Democrats will circle the wagons to protect the enemy.


Following weeks of (so-called) anti-Muslim bigotry and (alleged) acts of hatred (following several Muslim terrorist attacks in the West), Reps. Don Beyer (D-VA), Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), Eleanor Holmes-Norton (D-DC), Joe Crowley (D-NY), Betty McCollum (D-MN), Mike Honda (D-CA), Keith Ellison (Muslim D-MN), and André Carson (Muslim D-IN), along with 63 original cosponsors, introduced legislation condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in America.

“We must show that we will not tolerate this anti-Muslim discrimination and that those who propagate it do not represent the melting-pot America that we celebrate,” said Rep. Don Beyer.  “These harmful words eventually lead to the very acts of violence many came to our country to escape in the first place.  It’s time Congress stood up to condemn these attacks which run contrary to American values.”

“Anti-Muslim speeches and statements only serve to divide us and pit Americans against one another. Bigotry and the violence it perpetrates are not worthy of the legacy of generations who have fought and sacrificed to make America the nation that it is today.”

“Muslim Americans are our friends, neighbors and colleagues.  Anti-Muslim rhetoric from our nation’s political candidates has damaging consequences for the lives of Muslims in America,” said Rep. Betty McCollum.

“The First Amendment safeguards our freedom to practice our faiths freely, but it does not give any person the right to cite religion in order to justify intolerance toward their fellow Americans,” said Muslim Rep. André Carson. (Yes, it does, when the enemy’s religion is what inspires its hatred and attacks on us)

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Mir Z Khan ·

Thank you.

Estelle Sherman ·

Don’t dream, it will never happen.
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Emad Qaddoura

I greatly appreciate your efforts to protect the civil rights of all Americans despite of their faith and recognizing the Muslims’ contribution to American societies.

Riad Ali

Hats off to to all those who did the right thing when so many people and media outlets are charging feelings against Muslims. A million thanks

Estelle Sherman ·

All this does is make Americans hate muslims even more. Nice try.
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Uzma Rizvi

Thank you. I truly appreciate and value this important effort.

Kaiser Farooque ·

Thank you. I’m very glad we have someone like you representing our district.

Mohameden Ahmedou ·

Thank you. I greatly appreciate your efforts to protect the civil rights of all Americans despite of their faith and recognizing the Muslims’ contribution to American societies.

Estelle Sherman ·

Name one.
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Asad Saqib

Thank you sir for supporting the rights of American Muslims.

Amine Chigani ·

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Thank you to all congressment introducing this bill.

Sousou Hida ·

Thank you i appreciate and really value, this important effort. To protect. A muslim comunity. And recognizing the muslims contribution. To American socities….

Hameed Shibili Ahammed ·

Truly appreciate your help and support. This is what America is known for and stand for. Thank you !!!

Kaukab Javaid ·

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Thank you! Standing together, united, from different states, cultures, faiths, etc. is how we can assure our beloved country does not weaken because of divisions. Muslims cannot fight hate crimes and anti-hate rhetoric alone.

Nabiha RH

Thank you so much!

Aminah Chowdhry ·

Thank you so much! We truly appreciate this

Mona Nabeel ·

Thank you for taking this sensible and much needed step!

Nazish Usmani

Tears rolling down my eyes. Thank you.

Amina Gor

Thank you.

Eajaz Durrani ·

Really, it is a great legislation that the congress came togather to pass it. Hopefully, following the passage of the legislation the American values will prevail. The congress is the guardian of our liberties, the effort is timely and appropriate.

Eajaz Durrani ·

Really, it is a great legislation that the congress came togather to pass it. The passage of the legislation provides assuance to the muslim community that the congress is the guardian of their civil rights.

Rania Koronfel Hasan

Thank you for recognizing this issue and for doing something about it. It’s a breath of fresh air! As any american citizen, Muslims actively contribute to society and also have a voice in the democratic process of this country. Once again, thank you for your efforts and y’all will continuously have the support of this community.

Muhammad Islam ·

It is greatly appreciated. We must uphold the unity of America acording to our constitution.

Anwar Taufique ·

May God bless you for standing up for true values of US. Thank you very much

Nadia Sindi

My life in Liberal Klans Oregon!!

Arab/Muslim Americans are treated less than animals!

We are being prosecuted in a daily basis! High tech lynching, institutionally racism! Especially for Arab women!!

Oregon former late A.G. Dave Frohnmayer had my SS# blocked & prevented me from getting employed, made me homeless and jobless!

He was the one who started & initiated the fraud of taking over our homes!!See More

Zainab Yoonas

Thank you for your effort.

Asif Hussain ·

Thank You

Asif Hussain ·

Thank You

Mehjabeen Naseer ·

Thank you for the effort to intoduce this legislation. Much appreciated! I hope it goes through!
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Estelle Sherman ·

Muslims deserve all the disdain they are getting, and more. You can try to destroy the First Amendmnent but you never will.
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