DISGUSTING! In Germany now, even 75-year-old Christian women cannot ride the subway without getting sexually harassed by young Muslim invaders

By BI: It’s hard to believe that in such a short time, the massive influx of Muslim freeloaders, thugs, and rapists has disrupted the lives of so many German citizens and left everyone from young girls to senior citizens riddled with fear.


From sexual and verbal assaults to robberies, burglaries, and street muggings by these Muslim invaders, Germans are surrounded by danger in their own homes. Even worse, police have been ordered not to arrest too many of them, so people won’t “hate refugees.”

Halfway through the interview with the 75-year-old woman below, a group of young Muslim thugs interrupt the and tell the old woman that because she said “Islam is not compatible with Christendom,” she has “offended a citizen of Islam.” Then they laugh at her, probably thinking if only the camera wasn’t right there, they would beat her up and steal her money.