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Make No Mistake About It, All Of These People Who Say That Being “Born Again” Has Nothing To Do With Baptism Are Heretics

By Walid Shoebat “Are you born again” or is it “repent and be baptized,” that is the question. The Jesus-style question I ask my Evangelical brethren is: 1) What do you mean by being “born again”? 2) Show me where in the history of Christianity was this question “are you born again” ever asked? Indeed, Christ spoke […]

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Syrian Forces Overtake Fifty Islamic Terrorists In Battle And Kill Them All

By Theodore Shoebat Syrian forces overtook and slaughtered fifty Islamic terrorists, according to one report: At least 50 ISIS group fighters have been killed in the last 24 hours in an advance by Syrian government forces east of Aleppo city, a monitor said Sunday. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the fighters were […]

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NETHERLANDS: Police arrest a man for wearing a pink pig hat because it is offensive to Muslims…even though there were no Muslims in the area

By BI: This is what the Dutch police are busy doing while Muslim illegal aliens are sexually assaulting women and children, robbing stores and old ladies, and causing a surge in violence as never seen before.

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MUSLIM ANIMAL ABUSE…even of animals allegedly revered in Islam (Viewer Discretion Advised)

By BI: The photo of this poor crucified cat has been widely circulated online, but now we can see the video of this same cat being sadistically tortured by laughing Muslims who obviously take great pleasure in doing it.   See More Here: MUSLIM ANIMAL ABUSE

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Pakistani Muslim woman has acid thrown in her face by the man whose marriage proposal she rejected

BI: The reason he knew she was a “patriot” is because there was a French flag on her T-shirt. When she returned to the cafe to copy down its name, the owner threw a pail of water at her. And this happened back in 2013, before Muslims started gunning down and bombing French citizens. Much more about […]

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DONALD TRUMP talks about General Black Jack Pershing’s method of getting rid of the Muslim problem

By BI: “They let the 50th man go after making him watch 49 of his fellow Muslims killed and buried in pigs blood. And for the next 42 years, there wasn’t a single Muslim terrorist attack anywhere in the world.” muslim-american-group-condemns-donald-trump-praise-of-pigs-blood

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Muslims demand Nebraska bank change its security policies to accommodate Muslim supremacists’ religious demands

By BI: The no head-covering rule is not only in place for Muslims, it applies to anyone wearing headgear that could contain a gun or explosive device. MW News The incident took place at Security National Bank in Omaha when a woman, believed to be Diana Renteria, approached the doors while wearing a head scarf. Unfortunately for her, she was denied […]

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