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Trump Won The Debate And Will Defeat Cruz And Rubio On Super Tuesday

By Walid Shoebat Watching last night’s debate Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were trying to take a shot at the title but miserably failed and will not even put a tiny dent in Donald Trump who will be the Republican nominee. Trump’s tax issue will not hurt him and neither will the ‘Trump University’ grow into any sort of scandal. These […]

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The French Government Orders That An Entire Islamic Refugee Camp Be Destroyed And The Muslims Thrown Out

By Theodore Shoebat The French government has just ordered for an entire refugee camp, filled with Muslims, to be destroyed and the Muslim refugees thrown out of the camp. According to a report:    A French court upheld a government plan to partially demolish hundreds of tents and wooden shelters housing migrants and refugees in […]

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Muslims Man Realizes That Islam Is Absolutely False, Accepts Jesus Christ And The Holy Trinity, And Builds Fifty Churches

By Theodore Shoebat  A Muslim man in in West Bengal realized that Islam is false and accepted Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity, and built fifty churches. According to a report: Living in one of the most unreached places in the world, devout Muslim Sanjay’s whole life changed when he was healed from cancer. Growing […]

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Satan Worshipper Takes Ten Year Old Girl, Stabs Thirteen Times, And After She Dies, He Takes His Knife And Licks The Blood Off The Blade

By Theodore Shoebat A Satan worshipper in South Africa stabbed to death a ten year old girl and then licked the blood of the blade. Here is the report: Cape Town – The young man who allegedly strangled and stabbed a 10-year-old girl to death said he knows nothing about the murder. It has now […]

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SHOOTING IN KANSAS: Man Slaughters Three People With AK-47. What Was His Religion?

By Theodore Shoebat A shooting in Kansas took place in which a man named Cedric Larry Ford slaughtered three people with an AK-47. What was his religion? I discuss this in my most recent video after doing a full investigation on this evil murderer: According to the report: A gunman who killed three people and […]

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Brutal Satanic Ritual Takes Place In Houston, In Which A Satanist Takes A Sixteen Year Old Boy And Stabs Him To Death

By Theodore Shoebat  A brutal satanic ritual took place in Houston in which a satanist named Edward O’Neal stabbed a 16 year old teen.   According to a report:    A Houston teen was recently arrested in connection with the homicide of a 16-year-old boy who was found stabbed to death last January. Edward O’Neal […]

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Russia Slaughters Islamic Terrorists, And Obama States: “The fight against ISIL will remain difficult”

By Theodore Shoebat  Russia continues to slaughter Islamic terrorists. Russian warplanes are continuing their bombardment against Islamic terrorist strongholds. According to one report:  Russian warplanes continued bombing Syrian rebel-held areas in northwestern Syria and government forces also pounded a suburb of the capital on Thursday, ahead of a planned halt to fighting that rebels predicted […]

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Pope Francis Tells Major Abortion And Euthanasia Advocate: You Are One Of The Nation’s “Forgotten Greats”

Pope Francis spoke of one of Italy’s most notorious advocates for abortion and euthanasia, Emma Bonino, saying that she is one of the nation’s “forgotten greats”. According to one report: In a February 8 interview with one of Italy’s most prominent dailies, Corriere Della Serra, Pope Francis praised Italy’s leading proponent of abortion – Emma Bonino […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Takes Seventy Eight Year Old Woman, Rips Her Clothes Off, Rapes Her And Then Brutally Butchers Her

By Theodore Shoebat  The Mexican drug cartel in Veracruz raped and murdered a seventy eight year old woman. They stripped her naked before raping and killing her. Police present at the murder scene affirm that the murder was of a very violent and brutal nature. The investigation on the murder so far as confirmed that […]

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Donald Trump Just Stated: The IRS Is Auditing Me, Perhaps Because I Am A Strong Christian

By Theodore Shoebat  After the most recent Republican debate, Donald Trump stated that the IRS is auditing him perhaps because he is a strong Christian. According to a report: Right after the CNN debate tonight, Donald Trump took a victory lap of sorts in a CNN interview, telling Chris Cuomo at one point that he […]

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Donald Trump Destroys Cruz And Rubio In Latest Debate

Donald Trump destroyed Cruz and Rubio in probably what has been his best debating performance. Reuters just wrote up this summary of the debate: Republican rival Marco Rubio attacked front-runner Donald Trump at length for the first time at a debate on Thursday, targeting his wealth and absence of detailed policy plans to try to […]

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Muslims Slaughter Dozens Of People, They Cut People To Pieces, Human Body Parts Are Everywhere

By Theodore Shoebat  Muslims in Nigeria slaughtered dozens in Yola with bomb attacks that left human body scattered everywhere. One report recounts the carnage: IT was a gruesome bloodbath with body parts littering the Yola , Adamawa State police station and further away after bombs exploded about 11:30 a.m. yesterday, killing “dozens of persons.” The Adamawa […]

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