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The Government Of Charlotte, North Carolina, Establishes New Law That Allows Men Who Mutilate Their Own Genitals To Enter Women’s Bathrooms, Because They Think They Are Women

By Theodore Shoebat Charlotte, N.C, just passed a measure that allows men who have mutilated their genitals to enter the women’s bathrooms. I did a whole video on this perversion: According to the report: Council members in the state’s largest city passed an ordinance allowing transgender people to choose public bathrooms that correspond to their […]

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Why Evangelicals Will Abandon Cruz And Will Vote More For Trump. Cruz Will Soon Drop Out.

By Walid Shoebat Currently Evangelicals are divided between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. So what are their motives in voting for these two candidates? Donald Trump captured the votes of 33 percent of evangelicals in South Carolina on Saturday — a big factor in his win, because evangelicals made up a whopping 72 percent of […]

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Germany Is Not An Ally, It Is Still An Evil Nation That Wants To Control All Of Europe, The German Military Is Already Working On Creating An Elite Army Of Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat The German military is amongst the top ten most powerful militaries on earth, and in this discourse it will be seen that it is conspiring with the Muslims with the aspiration of reviving back its evil empire, whose sinister roots go back to centuries of bloodshed, genocide and the bent to destabilize […]

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U.S. Missile Defense Agency Report says the current system cannot protect America from a major missile attack

By BI: The Department of Defense says it can defend against small scale attacks but the report even disputes that. No surprise from an administration that has redirected a large chunk of defense spending to taking care of millions of illegal aliens and funding terror-linked rebel groups in the Middle East.

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UK welcomes thousands of Muslim illegals, refuses to deport terrorists, but orders sickly, half blind, 92-year-old white woman to be deported back to South Africa

By BI: The frail old woman came to Britain from South Africa on a tourist visa to be cared for by her daughter, who mistakenly thought she could change her mother’s visa status after she arrived. But after her visa ran out, she became an illegal alien who must be deported by next week, according to immigration […]

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Islamic State (ISIS) 11-year-old junior jihadi kisses Daddy before blowing himself up in a suicide mission

By BI: This is the moment when an 11-year-old boy kneeled down to kiss his father’s hand before blowing himself up in a truck laden with explosives. Footage of the child jihadi, identified as Abu Imara al Omri, was posted by ISIS supporters, who claimed the boy was used to help take the village of Ghazl near Aleppo. UK […]

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WARNING: Sweden is on a fast track to becoming a banana republic, all because of out-of-control mass Muslim immigration

By BI: And the rest of Europe isn’t far behind. Danish commentator, Jeppe Juhl, a sort of Scandinavian Pat Condell, laments that there are more than 50 (Muslim) areas of Sweden where police, firefighters, and ambulance drivers dare not go without wearing bullet proof vests. Time to stop ALL Muslim immigration and drop all the yakety […]

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