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Make No Mistake About It, Donald Trump Is Absolutely Right, The Islamic Terrorists Want And Will Invade Rome To Kill The Pope. The Catholic Church Needs To Prepare For A Muslim Invasion

By Theodore Shoebat In this current controversy between Donald Trump and Pope Frances, Trump has fired back, saying that the Islamic terrorists want to conquer Rome. I must say, he is correct. The Catholic Church needs to prepare for a Muslim invasion. I did a whole video on this with a lot of good commentary: […]

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Turkey Threatens Russia With War, The Russians Tell Turkey That They Will Bomb Turkish Troops If They Enter Syria

By Theodore Shoebat  Turkey is threatening Russia with military attacks after a deadly car bomb hit Ankara. The car bombing — which killed 28 people — was done by Salih Necar, a member of the Kurdish YPG, but Turkey is attributing it to Russia on the basis that, according to them, Russia is supporting the […]

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Israeli Media Warns: If We Do Nothing About Erdogan We Will Soon Witness The Rise Of An Islamic Empire

From Hitler to Erdogan: What we have been warning for decades is now fully accepted by the media in Israel. The Jerusalem Post had this to say in an article titled Liberal Passivity in the Face of Another Rising Fascist Empire was posted in the Jerusalem Post which warns (special thanks to Trevor for alerting us on […]

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Pope Francis Says Donald Trump Is ‘Not Christian’ While Trump Calls The Pope ‘Politician’. Which Of The Two Is Right?

By Walid Shoebat So which is it? Is the Pope the ‘politician’ as Trump says while the Pope accuses Trump of not being a “Christian”? Or is it that both are wrong? Or is it that the Pope in his humanitarian thinking is unintentionally aiding and abetting the drug business by calling on Trump not to erect […]

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